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a thick and heavy shoe

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In addition, the Staticbuster from Nautilus is the only work shoe to offer the consistent static dissipative (SD) performance to meet the demands of today's sensitive work environments.
In addition, our recently introduced work shoe and catalog programs have been well received by our customers.
I own three going-out shirts, one pair of work shoes and a variety of relaxies (sweat pants and T-shirts).
About NAOT: Over the past fifty years, NAOT has gone from a small shoe factory that made simple work shoes and sandals to an international business and Israel's leading manufacturer and exporter of shoes.
Newbon's quick change saw him ditch his suit for official club clobber - and he avoided detection even though he was still wearing his formal work shoes.
torrential outside, the crew dried work shoes as we shot a scene inside.
Baker Jean Swatman's family were so keen for her to retire they threw her work shoes away after she landed the jackpot in June.
com GREAT work shoes in a versatile neutral colour.
The new collection features a style for every occasion so the Hotter customer can wear something comfy and stylish wherever they go, whether it's work shoes, casual shoes for a day of shopping or meeting up with friends, attending a family wedding or enjoying a city break.
Work shoes or boots that can provide a measure of protection for your feet are needed.
This costume consists of an old black cape, work shoes and a witch's hat that someone once sat on.
I have a fantastic pair of black work shoes cobbled together by the same shoemaking family in Manama who once made footwear for the late Emir of Bahrain.
They were originally made as work shoes and worn by farm workers, ironworkers and dockers as they are so practical.
If you are wearing shorts, don't wear work shoes with black socks pulled up to your knees: it makes you look like you are an on-the-run lunatic.
Bloomberg, 108th Mayor of the City of New York, may not have purchased a new pair of work shoes in ten years.