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To learn more about the Bike Home from Work Party, visit http://bikenyc.
Anyone who volunteers for at least 3 hours at any trail work party on the Evergreen Calendar, or hosted by an Evergreen regional chapter, earns one raffle entry.
A prison spokesman said: "The governor received information that prisoners on the work party were being used to bring drugs into the prison.
A store manager assigned to a work party generally could not send an hourly worker in his or her place, absent special authorization from a district manager.
the work party will help with habitat restoration; dress appropriate for the weather, bring water and snacks and lunch if staying for work party; no registration required; meet at arboretum's Visitor Center, 34901 Frank Parrish Road; fee is free for members, $5 for nonmembers; 541-747-3817 or www.
WILDLIFE enthusiasts are being invited to a Coventry nature reserve this month for a weekend work party.