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The creation of this subsidiary and the recruitment of personnel with oil and gas expertise will enable the company to become self-sufficient as far as work overs and drilling is concerned.
behind pipe work overs to perforate and frack and a further 10 drilling
6 per cent on the December quarter as new Meridian wells continued ramping up and work overs showed results.
After assessing the existing Nowata leases, and as we are progressing on the work overs that we are doing there, we were able to secure a good price on drilling three new wells on the existing property, and after studying the engineering reports we feel we have a great opportunity to drill at least three new wells that will bring in an estimated 30bopd, and give us a much better return for on the whole project".
The compensation arrangements recognise the fact that the lateral sections of these wells will no longer be accessible for work overs once their well heads have been sealed.