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Dafydd Iwan, of Gwynedd County Council, suggested the forummight investigate whether it would be possible to combine the idea of an iconic work of art with a project in the offing for some time to site a memorial on the shores of Llyn Celyn at Tryweryn to commemorate the drowning of the Capel Celyn community in 1960s
Find a work of art that reminds you of an event from your childhood.
Indeed, many regarded such an opinion as dangerous to the autonomy of a work of art.
He believed that what he called the 'aura' possessed by a unique work of art would inevitably be diminished by the ease with which such works could be reproduced and that media where there was no true 'original', such as photography, would displace those where there was, such as painting.
Just as this artist built an entire work of art on truth within the moment, so does the nurse build the art of nursing practice on acute perceptions of visual clues to emotional states.
The Countess set up Work Of Art with hopes of cashing in on the boom in art sales.
The ability to put oneself in place of another or, in the case of the artist, in place of the work of art, is a profound human act.
The result is a very personal deeply affecting, lyrical film -- a true work of art.
However great the emotional impact or the artistic value of this statue, no work of art is exempt from changing perceptions and values.
6) Taking the first horn, Wollheim argues, would make the theory non-institutional because it would be the possession of the characteristic referred to by the good reason that makes the artefact a work of art.
A work of art can open a door and take you "into something bigger than yourself, something immensely exhilarating and refreshing, so when you come back into [yourself], you know that's not all there is to life.
This can be especially troublesome when dealing with a work of art, since its value may be subjective, leading to disagreement between a taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service.
Most notably, the revised policy adopts November 17, 1970, the date on which the UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export, and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property was signed, as the key date for determining whether an ancient work of art or archaeological material can be considered for acquisition.
I READ with interest and welcome the suggestion that there should be a huge work of art at the entrances to North Wales.