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work that a person is expected to do in a specified time


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Parents too can help their kids take a breather before getting back into a work load.
This bill will bring the jurisdiction of Islamabad High Court and Civil Courts in Islamabad Capital Territory in consonance with High Courts and Civil Courts of the other provinces and also reduce work load of Islamabad High Court.
This transition is part of a larger Air Force Reserve Human Capital Transformation initiative, which is transferring personnel work load for individual Reservist programs from the RMG, which is part of Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command, to ARPC.
One work load unit equals one passenger or 100 kg of cargo.
At a time when virtually every state department and division avers that personnel levels are inadequate for their work loads and when the Legislature indicates it cannot afford to offer cash-strapped municipalities more aid, encouraging employees to volunteer work on taxpayers' time is a misdirection of limited resources that is counterintuitive at best.
Stress brought on by heavy work loads is the fastest growing source of employment claims against businesses in the West Midlands, according to a survey by Black Country law firm George Green.
Automatically reduces travel speed in response to work load, and maintains maximum power output from the engine.
They tend to occur when a dancer's normal routine gets derailed by a big work load or a new situation.
Each applicant is asked to submit general experience of the firm and the number of employees on its staff, the firm's average work load and how much of its business comes from the outer boroughs and Long Island and Westchester counties.
Like other parts of the human services, the discourse of accountability has raced through the social services sector, and has been operationalized as increased documentation and statistics keeping (Baines, 2004b; Foster and Hoggett, 1999; Richmond and Shields, 2003) further expanding the work load of the front-line developmental services employee.
According to Dee Armstrong, Super Salvage's mechanical supervisor, "It bears the brunt of the work load of this whole yard.
Mould abatement projects take up about 15 to 20 per cent of my work load," Simi says.
The husband in the case, who was a CPA, had failed to file a timely return, stating that his work load prevented him from filing by the due date.
So they reconfigure the work load and identify a different kind of position than anything needed before.
Action this year can create work now, ease work load compression this winter and stabilize both work force and cash flow.