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Synonyms for hardening

abnormal hardening or thickening of tissue

the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization

the act of making something harder (firmer or tighter or more compact)

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AHSS provide an advantage in the design flexibility over conventional high strength steels due to their higher formability and work hardening characteristics.
2008), Friction-induced work hardening of cobalt-base hardfacing deposits for hot forging tools, Journal of Materials Processing Technology--Volume 209 (2009), P.
The lower stress predictions by both the models are the result of thermal softening and work hardening effects at the shear plane.
The microhardness of the as-sprayed Ti coating is slightly higher than pure bulk Ti owing to the work hardening effect during deposition.
For polymers with limited ductility, the plastic deformation does not generate sufficient work hardening to stabilize the neck development process.
Gerberich says that the surprising boost in hardness results from a familiar metallurgy process called work hardening.
The sharp cutting edges and large conical front rake clearance reduce workpiece work hardening.
Vocational rehabilitation services in the United States have traditionally emphasized the provision of services for persons with disabilities who have vocational potential and have included vocational evaluation, functional assessment, work hardening and reconditioning, work-capacity evaluation, job-site analysis, job accommodations, job-seeking skills, employer development, employment skill training, job placement, and follow-up services (Tate, Heinrich, Paasuke, & Anderson, 1998).
Vocational rehabilitation can be defined as a series of six identifiable stages: Screening, Diagnostics, Work Evaluation, Adjustment Planning, Work Hardening, and Job Placement (Wright, 1980).
The pain clinic's section provides an overview of a client's potential need for securing a variety of services including medical assessment and evaluation, psychological evaluation and treatment, physical therapy, biofeedback and relaxation training, exercise and therapeutic recreation, vocational rehabilitation counseling, and work hardening and occupational therapy.
Work hardening programs, work capacity evaluations.
There was a brief interruption during the Korean War, when the lab led a far-reaching investigation on the effect of impurities and variations in zinc content on the work hardening and annealing properties of 70Cu/30Zn cartridge brasses.
UTA is reducing its workers' compensation costs by having employees use the in-house facilities for work hardening, self-directed therapy, and injury-related reconditioning.
Facilities in North Carolina include diagnostic equipment where on-the-job motions can be evaluated and, in a combined effort with Baxter Health Care, a work hardening center where injured persons can be rehabilitated using simulated job motions.