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an animal trained for and used for heavy labor

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Mules were used as work animals on farms, logging camps, road construction, railroad construction freight hauling, coal mining, pack hauling and other jobs where a reliable, strong work animal was needed.
Kidapawan City - At least 45 subsistent farmers in Arakan, North Cotabato finally got their won work animals that ended their long dependence to renting carabaos in tilling their lands through the livestock dispersal program of the provincial government.
Which was why the latest move by Albay's local authorities to set up communal grazing grounds where livestock and work animals can feed on ash-free grass comes as a welcome change.
Alonto reported that the El Nino phenomenon-triggered long dry spell that hit the provinces of Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi, causing damage amounting to P180 million on agricultural crops and work animals.
Plans for the sanctuary in her name include a shelter and adoption center for cats and dogs, a refuge for farm and work animals, and a rescue and release program for injured, native wildlife.
The findings help to explain how it is that humans have been able to rely on wild-caught elephants as work animals, for logging, transport, or war, for thousands of years.
From the early days where the pets were work animals who had to earn their stay at the white house to recent presidents where the pets have a cult of personality all their own.
These animals are work animals and should be put into the fields to do their job, not give so-called thrill-seekers a delight on Blackpool or any other beach for that matter, and get covered in ice cream as no doubt that's what the fat kids will have in their hands while trying to ride these animals.
One reason you don't see more dairy in China, Cherry says, is because Chinese historically used cows as work animals, which means they couldn't be used for producing milk.
Read had been riding nearly anything a saddle could be strapped to since he was a youngster, and farm work had taught him the value and care of work animals.
Food-producing cows, sheep and pigs and work animals like horses and even donkeys were essential to the economy.
The market for durable goods in Nigeria with the exception of bicycles, work animals, and boats is largely an urban phenomenon.
Population is a possible concern in primitive, pre-industrial societies, where large numbers of people are required as mere work animals and to replace a high death rate.
s Grove Ranch (an Alexander & Baldwin company) on Maui began the "transformation from raising work animals to beef cattle" without a hitch.
Still, we might ask what it signifies that the new prophet, Elisha, feeds his work animals (his means of production) to the people of his community and only then moves on to the calling of the prophet.