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Synonyms for wordy

Synonyms for wordy

relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of words


using or containing an excessive number of words

Synonyms for wordy

using or containing too many words

References in classic literature ?
He was not so much annoyed that he had not received the post, that he had been conspicuously passed over; but it was incomprehensible, amazing to him that they did not see that the wordy phrase-monger Stremov was the last man fit for it.
Here, when wordy discussions on all subjects under the sun were not being waged, Billy played at cut-throat Pedro, horrible fives, bridge, and pinochle.
You know I'm a man that very seldom enters into a bargain, but who always fulfils his agreements better than your dealers in wordy contracts written on rags of paper.
When it comes to words in common use, English can't hold a candle - of any length - to German, a language with a penchant for putting together some very wordy words.
WORDY WINNERS: Rhiannon Frenguelli, aged 16, Gus Walter, 14, and Emily Atwood, 15,
Outlining the priorities of the British presidency, Prime Minister David Cameron suggested getting back to the roots of the representative forum by focusing on one-on-one discussions by participating leaders and getting rid of wordy communiques and other bureaucratic red tape.
I was drawn into this wordy world from the very first sentence in the book, 'Do you have a favourite word?
I always enjoy his wordy and controversial offerings, although I could be in a minority.
BAD POINTS: The first hour feels rather laboured, and weighed down by the fact that Delicacy is subtitled and quite wordy.
Wordy and delivered in her signature high tones, the production is highly polished.
Pressure group Transport 2000 tagged the wordy declaration by Prime Minister John Major as a "grand gesture".
We defy anyone to listen to their 1981 single Wordy Rappinghood and not find themselves dancing around the room like a loon with a massive grin on their face.
It has developed a more interactive approach to HR policies and procedures, replacing old wordy and uninspiring documents with interactive flowcharts that provide links to clear information at each stage in the process.
Kandy Next time an Australian shows up for a wordy duel on the pitch, rival batsmen had better concentrate on the next few balls.
The author's somewhat wordy style and the book's cluttered design may deter some readers.