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Synonyms for wordless

conveyed indirectly without words or speech

temporarily unable or unwilling to speak, as from shock or fear

Synonyms for wordless

expressed without speech

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This wordless book has a compelling message about the power of words.
Sharjah: The Silent Book Exhibition in Sharjah is featuring wordless picture books for children, especially refugees, to inspire hope and determination in them.
Organised by the UAE Board on Books for Young People (UAEBBY), the event will showcase many wordless picture books that have enabled refugee children across the world to transcend language barriers for years.
That's where you can find the Flyin' Dutchman's nearly wordless " The Sad Handsome Mysterious Man, Part 2 ," among other narrative works:
Wordless Workshop is only one piece of his huge portfolio, but it's unique.
In this sequel to Wordless (Flux, 2014/VOYA August 2014), Tavin Barnes is the Word of Death, a role he unintentionally inherited from the previous possessor of this power.
Fans who say they preferred this show on the radio will have to rethink their opinion as the funniest scene takes place in wordless, hilarious silence.
On one hand, the wordless original niggunim, or religious melodies, chanted by Shlomo Gaisin, the band's towering, bearded, and frocked frontman, a forceful and far-ranging vocalist, struck me immediately as a tribute to Zusha's Hasidic heritage.
Perhaps the title should read, "What won't you do with a wordless book?
Spalding also does quite a bit of mostly wordless singing, and this gives a very fresh aspect to the music.
It took decades longer to develop the transcendent awareness of nature that informs this wordless cinematic poem, accompanied by the music of Gary Stroutsos, filling the screen not only with the sights and sounds of the desert but also with the primal pulse of life itself.
In this (almost) wordless book a series of unfortunate events occurs until (in a wonderfully bizarre two double page spread) chaos has erupted.
Too often, parents dismiss picture storybooks, especially when they are wordless, as not real reading or just for fun," the study's author, Professor Daniela O'Neill of the Department of Psychology at University of Waterloo, , said.
Summary: A videogame centered on a wordless walk across a picturesque desert walked away with top .