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an alphabetical list of words often defined or translated

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Such errors of history detract from what are otherwise beautifully presented volumes with useful features including the side-by-side printing of Newburgh Hamilton's libretto with the corresponding lines from Milton's Samson Agonistes and other works, the table of versions, and a reproduction of a 1743 wordbook (though, unlike the manuscript sources, no indication is given of the particular copy and its owning library).
A wordbook dated 1758 is to be found at Trinity College Library, Cambridge; and the Presbyterian Historical Society Library, Philadelphia.
and Bruce Waltke, Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, vol.
95 The Talking Wordbook - English, French, Arabic or Spanish $49.
Despite the unnecessary and uncharitable rhetoric in some of its entries, the Theological Wordbook presents an interpretation of the origin and structure of heavens in Scripture commonly held by evangelical Old Testament scholars today.
In a copy of the 1733 wordbook for Athalia in the Coke collection, Burrows discovered an inserted page that must relate to the 1735 Covent Garden performances (for which no wordbook survives): it contains five Italian airs and a duet, specially written for the castrato Carestini, Handel's primo uomo in the 1735 operatic season.
Frank Hogan has written a wordbook called SOUND ALIKES, Midwestern American English Homophones.
I jumped up and grabbed a blank notebook and started putting together a Dog Wordbook.
In short, my students see me using dictionaries, they visit my office stuffed from floor to ceiling with wordbooks of all ilk, and they hear me discuss their native language as they complain sotto voce in the back of the room about having to learn what they never suspected to exist.
Spanish and English learners will appreciate these attractively designed bilingual wordbooks.
Linguists and language centres have produced a range of resources for this purpose: wordbooks, bilingual dictionaries, learner's grammars, language learning courses, to name a few.
Probably not, since most wordbooks report merely the Establishment Press.
Kister, Kister's Best Dictionaries for Adults & Young People: A Comparative Guide (1992) and Dictionary Buying Guide: A Consumer Guide to General English-Language Wordbooks in Print (1977).
There are listings for motet wordbooks, services of religious investiture, narrative accounts of feasts and special occasions, and a broad range of other unlikely genres (azioni sacre, racconti, relazioni, prologues, et al.