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a puzzle where you fill a square grid with words reading the same down as across

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On the left below is the first published regular Latin word square, which appeared in the 1860 edition of American Almanac, where it was described as a 'palindromic word square', because it reads the same backwards as forwards.
An example of a single word square of this type is shown below.
The first 10x10 word square, which appeared in 1921, was constructed entirely of tautonyms (words like TANGATANGA, which have two repeated five-letter parts) and so is not very satisfying.
His amazing feats in computerized word squares were ended by his untimely death from lung cancer in March of 2007.
Eric Harshbarger recently posed an interesting question: what are the largest word squares or rectangles that can be found which transform into another, valid, word square or rectangle when turned upside down?
What is the largest double word square or rectangle (containing a different English word in each row and column) that can be formed from the 98 non-blank Scrabble tiles?
This is not much different from asking if, given the formal rules of English, one can construct a three-by-three word square in which each row, column, and main diagonal is a different word.
To make it easy to remember these words, they can be written in the form of a 3-by-3 word square in which both diagonals are also words.
If she used two blank tiles for F and K, and if she didn't place any tile on a double or triple letter or word square, and if she didn't make one or more other words by placing a letter next to a tile already on the board, then her score would be decreased by 9 points, resulting in the lowest value--8 points.
Morice s'empesca a "City of Word Games" with its main boulevards (Direction, Sound, alphabet) and a bunch of streets: Anagram Boulevard Pangrammatic Highway Viaduct Visual Word Square Palindrome Place Dictionary Drive .
A cubic word square of size four, with 38 different words, is somewhat more difficult, but can be done using words from the Second Edition of Merriam-Webster's Unabridged Dictionary.
Not including the centre square, how many Double Word squares are there on a standard Scrabble board?
All the high-scoring quadruple premiums lie near the outside of the board, with the quadruple word squares at the four corners of the board.
The introduction includes discussions of the history of excavations in Smyrna, the pictorial graffiti, healing of the eyes, isopsephisms of desire, and word-play: word squares and riddles.
Here is a list of some such games that any teacher can provide during ESP classes, especially for practising vocabulary: Word chains, Word Squares, Word Ladders, Word Pyramids, Word Crosses, Letters in Common, Crossword Puzzles(Boarcas, 2009).