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the accepted meaning of a word

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Formal evaluations have so far targeted word sense disambiguation (McShane, Nirenburg, and Beale 2016), multiword expression processing (McShane, Nirenburg, and Beale 2015), the processing of difficult referring expressions (McShane and Babkin 2016b), and the detection and resolution of VP ellipsis (McShane and Babkin 2016a).
Detecting multi-word expressions improves word sense disambiguation.
Word Sense Disambiguation: Algorithms and Applications.
In view of the above, this paper introduces a novel platform for supporting the semantic annotation process of Web and Telecommunication services (Telco) based on Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) techniques, used for identifying the linguistic context of the service descriptors in order to enable the automatic association of ontological entities to functional attributes of the services.
KEYWORDS: Sentiment Analysis, Sentiment Classification, Word sense disambiguation,WordNet, SentiWordNet
Adapting the lesk algorithm for word sense disambiguation using wordnet.
Each new word sense only gets one translation meaning that there's "no faffing about trying to work out which translation might be the best one for my purposes .
Regardless of the method selected, all information extraction systems must deal with the problem of ambiguity: the existence of multiple word sense meanings within the context of the text (Cohen & Hunter, 2008).
We include here papers related to four areas of linguistic research: (i) the complex area of word sense analysis and computational management; (ii) vocabulary as a key issue in language teaching materials and language acquisition and learning; (iii) the function and meaning of various linguistic elements or pragmatic resources as they appear in discourse; and (iv) a more incipient area of research by means of computational tools, literary texts, traditionally reluctant to objective and formal analysis, let alone the kind of analysis based on the results extracted through computational tools.
Technologies used for machine translation, such as syntactic parsing and word sense disambiguation, are commonly used in other applications of natural language processing.
Some specific topics examined include modeling sense division for word sense disambiguation, social networks in information systems, semantic discovery of services in democratized grids, the semantic web in tourism, and the creation of ontology for copyright law.
Automatic Word Sense Clustering Using Collocation for Sense Adaptation, KORTERM, KAIST 373-1 Guseong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
A link many find except, too often, with the word sense.
With his analytic perspectives on verbal space, sound and rhyme, word sense and grammar, his "general aim is straightforwardly to suggest things to think about when it comes to saying something about the words" (p.
Unlike in the article-selection case, however, raw text does not already contain the correct answer when it comes to word sense.