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an application that provides the user with tools needed to write and edit and format text and to send it to a printer

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For instance, although essays of similar length appear shorter in the word-processor format, people using word processors to compose actually produce longer essays.
But the fact remains that for many people, much of what they do at a word processor is just old-fashioned typing.
The most important thing in my room is my word processor, says Tulloch.
Students without convenient access to word processors of their own utilize PC-Write over the campus LAN.
Now, if a tiny section of Java software (let's call it an "applet") that contains just enough instructions to run the part of the word processor that you need to write the report-- and no more--was imbedded in a file, you could write the report; and once you finished, that applet would effectively disappear.
The most uniformly positive studies have been those in which writing skills are taught while the word processors are being used.
For example, if a comprehensive word processor is what you need, then stick with Microsoft Word.
Documents created in word processors or output as PDF from other applications need their structural components (not just appearance) to be made explicit before being imported and used effectively.
Some computer users are scanners--they search around various applications looking for a piece of information that may be tucked away in a database, a spreadsheet or a word processor.
In addition to motivating kids to write, digital photography can also contribute to raising students' self-confidence when it comes to tackling writing projects just like the word processor did, says Evelyn Woldman, technology center education coordinator for the Massachusetts Elementary School Principals' Association.
The ability to make such a transfer can be quite handy, for example, when you want to copy part of a Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet analysis into a word processor file for inclusion in a memo.
This point-of-sale automation software for K-12 cafeterias includes features such as free and reduced lunch program management, customizable reports, recertification letters, integrated word processor, auto-update technology, Web interface for students and parents to access account information and multi-level security.
To make launching application programs convenient, Norton Desktop can be customized so a mouse click opens a spreadsheet or a word processor, for example.
With a few clicks, Esker on Demand for Office lets a user send either one or thousands of physical mailings, faxes, emails or even SMS messages, directly from a word processor or via a web browser," said Mitch Baxter, Executive Vice President of Business Development for Esker.