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the order of words in a text

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Many bookstores offer books on sign language, pictorial dictionaries, manuals that explain usage and word order, and signs for specific subject areas.
Her basic assertion is that elements of any verb-first construction may be preposed, but that such a process requires more than a simple word order change.
For instance, with reference to the inverse binding facts in (4) above, she indicates that the OSV word order, thus Dislocation, also facilitates binding into the Nominative subject:
In addition to morphology, word order is one instance of such a disambiguator.
The skills workshop will be at Caedmon Hall, Gateshead, on the afternoon of May 21, with the New Word Order spoken word show at 7.
But the latter is obviously employed to preserve the tone of the Italian "Gentil mia donna" again by slightly altering word order.
Grammatical constraints for English include the basic word order of subject-verb-object in a sentence and the necessity for all words in a sentence to contribute to its meaning.
Eight selected papers from a 2006-09 research project explore the syntax of discourse-related word order variation.
Starting off with a discussion of the five classes of definiteness and their internal hierarchy that are distinguished in the Kitab, the author moves on to an investigation of the behavior of (in)detinite nouns in the word order of Arabic nominal sentences.
This is the first time anyone has found a link between intonation and word order in questions, and it could also help explain how babies learn to speak.
The word-order patterns have been analysed for three basic text types (poetry, authentic prose and translated prose) in order to check whether text type has a similar influence on word order of those closely related languages.
What is to be assumed about the relation between language-specific word order and focus identification?
Chomarat shows that, after a period of some poetic glory, Marullus's works have lapsed into oblivion, perhaps due to "the difficulties of Marullus's Latin and to a word order even freer than that of Horace's Odes" (7).