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one of the traditional categories of words intended to reflect their functions in a grammatical context

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The results of my two empirical studies, however, revealed that learners systematically failed to pay attention to the word class of the target lexemes as well as to the parts of speech surrounding the target words.
Yes, the Ireland game was more important but the Irish side are not word class.
An automatic text clustering process could be divided in four main stages: Corpus Selection, Word Class Selections, Filtering Algorithms and Clustering Algorithms; during the experiments, we applied different procedures for each stage described to find the best combination of procedures which produced correct textual clustering by consuming less time, both for newspapers and scientific texts in Brazilian Portuguese.
As a wicket keeper over the past 35 years, Anderson has stood over the stumps behind Tendulkar, Lara and many other word class batsmen.
Last week, Perdue and Jokarzadeh were announced in an elite group of eight weightlifters - along with Gareth Evans - who will receive specialist support and financial assistance as part of British Weightlifting's Word Class Programme.
The Baggies shot-stopper pulled off a string of word class saves, including a game-turning penalty save from Steven Gerrard in the 77th minute.
He was regarded as word class in his optical design specialisms and his sudden death has come as a shock to us all.
S Venkatachalam, CEO National Life & General Insurance Company, said: "At National Life, we endeavour to provide all our customers access to word class health care services.
Among open word classes, nouns are more easily borrowed than any other word class.
On the word class level it consists of a noun followed by a possessive relation (particle) word group.
To repeat ([section] 1 above), the notional characterisation of a word class determines its distribution: its general morpho-syntactic behaviour, which the speaker and hearer know how to exploit.
English is an inflectionally poor language, so problems arise mainly in connection with ambiguities at the word class (part-of-speech) level, e.
We will host a word class triathlon to ensure this becomes an annual event that all Jordanians can be proud of.
Grammaticalization scales can be formulated at various levels, at the level of word classes, within a single word class, spelling out its internal category structure, or at the level of alternant uses of a single form, reflecting the inherent dynamics of the grammatical system.