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move with a sibilant sound


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Woosh became the first company in New Zealand to deploy a major commercial UMTS TDD network in 2003, and has recently announced that it has now gained over 10,000 subscribers in its initial markets.
You can see John and Sinead perform as part of Woosh from December19 until December21 in George Square,Glasgow.
To publicise her movie The Seven Year itch, Marilyn stood on a warm air vent and woosh - newspapers worldwide couldn't resist printing her picture.
At SheiKra, if it wasn't for the woosh of the cars hurtling 90 degrees to earth at more than 70mph, you'd be able to hear a pin drop.
Stephanie and fellow pupils all received a Safety Matters rucksack and goodies delivered by Renault's road safety alien, Woosh.
It just stayed in the little circle and then it went along and went woosh and put Charles on fire.
A growing number of wireless broadband players, including Woosh Wireless and CallPlus are also making some inroads into the market and this trend will continue into 2008.
He said: 'I had just stepped out of the newsagent's after dropping some papers off when I heard a woosh sound.
He said: "There was just this huge woosh and rumble and suddenly I saw loads of rubble flying over the road.
Wiley was CEO for Woosh Wireless, a New Zealand broadband wireless network provider.
Suddenly you'll get a great woosh in the middle of what you thought was solid dialogue or then you think there's a laugh coming up so you leave room for it and nothing happens.
Wireless broadband initiatives continue to roll out from players such as Woosh Wireless, however wireless broadband will remain a niche medium.
Warwickshire Out of School Hours clubs -nicknamed WOOSH - are hoping to get Pounds 12,000.
Competition against the incumbent, Telecom, is provided by a number of niche wireless broadband providers including Woosh Wireless, CityLink and CallPlus.