woolly mammoth

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very hairy mammoth common in colder portions of the northern hemisphere

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Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the area was a massive polar ice sheet, with walls of ice kilometres high, where woolly mammoth and strait-tusked elephants wandered with sabre-toothed cats, bison and giant short-faced bears.
Dalen and other researchers analysed DNA samples from 300 specimens from woolly mammoths.
I would like to see a woolly mammoth and maybe my grandchildren will," says Webb Miller who co-headed the study.
The findings, reported in the journal Nature, revealed that woolly mammoths and modern day elephants share many genes and are more closely related than had previously been thought.
8 percent of its mitochondrial DNA with the woolly mammoth.
The woolly mammoth was protected from the cold temperatures by its thick, hairy coat.
This year the one character every gay man wanted to know better was Ryan Tripp, son of that woolly mammoth with a tape recorder.
The Xtra Factor host reckons since marking the big 3-0 three years ago there's a danger she could turn from waif(ish) to woolly mammoth.
Japanese scientists have already extracted the bone marrow from woolly mammoth remains found in Siberia to look at the DNA with a view to resurrecting a mammoth.
London, November 8 ( ANI ): A well conserved skeleton of a woolly mammoth Helmut from at least 200,000 years ago has been dug up near Paris, it has been revealed.
DNA analysis of the Ice Age beasts' remains suggests that the woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) interbred with what has been considered a separate, more southerly species--the Columbian mammoth (Mammuthus columbi).
This means you could take the remains of a woolly mammoth found beneath an ice pack, extract the DNA and voila: woolly mammoths running wild through West Yorkshire.
A reindeer herder in northern Siberia recently discovered the most complete fossil of a baby woolly mammoth ever found.
The claim came as a 9ft statue of a woolly mammoth was due to be unveiled in London as a symbol of climate change.