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Synonyms for woollen

a fabric made from the hair of sheep

of or related to or made of wool


References in classic literature ?
He wore what appeared to be a woolen cap, and, still more alarming, of a most sanguinary red.
The first of these personages carried in his right hand a sword; the second, two golden keys; the third, a pair of scales; the fourth, a spade: and, in order to aid sluggish minds which would not have seen clearly through the transparency of these attributes, there was to be read, in large, black letters, on the hem of the robe of brocade, MY NAME IS NOBILITY; on the hem of the silken robe, MY NAME IS CLERGY; on the hem of the woolen robe, MY NAME IS MERCHANDISE; on the hem of the linen robe, MY NAME IS LABOR.
So Little John came to where the three youths stood trembling, and, putting his face to the first fellow's cheek as though he were listening to him, he whispered softly into his ear, "Stand still, brother, when thou feelest thy bonds cut, but when thou seest me throw my woolen wig and beard from my head and face, cast the noose from thy neck and run for the woodlands.
Seeing Prince Andrew she leaned out from behind the apron and, waving her thin arms from under the woolen shawl, cried:
With a snarl he was at the other's throat, not even waiting to lift the woolen veil which obscured his vision.
They rolled into their robes, all-standing, each with a woolen Mackinaw jacket on in place of the parkas[5] they had worn all day.
The men of all these tribes wear a coarse woolen poncho: those south of Valdivia wear short trousers, and those north of it a petticoat, like the chilipa of the Gauchos.
He wore a red woolen bonnet, exactly like the Phrygian cap in which Liberty is tricked out, a piece of head-gear in common use in this country.
I had to mess about with white-lead and strips of woolen blanket helping to put bandages on those leaky steam-pipes--I tell you.
She was dressed in rusty black, and in place of a hat she wore a black woolen scarf tied around her head and underneath her chin.
Konstantin Levin looked in at the door, and saw that the speaker was a young man with an immense shock of hair, wearing a Russian jerkin, and that a pockmarked woman in a woolen gown, without collar or cuffs, was sitting on the sofa.
The severe cold has caught tourists unawares and they are buying more and more woolens from local hawkers.
Founded by John Rich on the simple idea of making the best quality woolens for area woodsmen and settlers, Woolrich is now recognized around the world as The Original Outdoor Clothing Company.
Routt County Woolens was started in 1997 as a result of a state grant to test the market for local, value-added agricultural products, with the company sourcing wool from 12 producers.
Starting at $14, silk dream and eye pillows are filled with lavender, velvet "Ease Your Neck" Rolls ($35) contain chamomile and hops, and "Bug-Away" linen sachets are designed to keep woolens moth-free.