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Synonyms for woody

made of or containing or resembling wood


abounding in trees

made hard like wood as the result of the deposition of lignin in the cell walls

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On one side of the church extends a wide woody dell, along which raves a large brook among broken rocks and trunks of fallen trees.
Great diversity in the size of two plants, one being woody and the other herbaceous, one being evergreen and the other deciduous, and adaptation to widely different climates, does not always prevent the two grafting together.
The woody creepers, themselves covered by other creepers, were of great thickness: some which I measured were two feet in circumference.
He knows I have no one but Rachel to speak to, for we have no neighbours here, except the Hargraves, whose residence I can dimly descry from these upper windows embosomed among those low, woody hills beyond the Dale.
One only he saw,--a sleek gray fellow, flattened against a gray dead limb so that he seemed a part of it, a woody excrescence upon the wood itself.
My mind was busy brightening a dim memory of nymphs reflected in woody pools.
Milchester Abbey is a gray, quadrangular pile, deep-set in rich woody country, and twinkling with triple rows of quaint windows, every one of which seemed alight as we drove up just in time to dress for dinner.
The next day, the sixteenth, I went up the same way again; and after going something further than I had gone the day before, I found the brook and the savannahs cease, and the country become more woody than before.
But at last, to their great joy, it led downwards in a steep descent, with overhanging banks over which the footpaths led; and the clustered houses of the village peeped from the woody hollow below.
I bet she got easy problems," Woody grumbled, even though he knew that wasn't true.
26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Woody Woodclick is proud to announce a game-changing product for photographers who want to deliver their work in style.
The Brecon Mountain Rescue Team were called by Dyfed-Powys Police after Woody fell from the summit of Pen Y Fan on Saturday.
com)-- Hill, Chesson & Woody, an independently owned and operated employee benefits firm that proactively aligns solutions to the visions of its clients, has announced the hiring of Jennifer McCurdy as client services representative.
The film opens with a shot of a nondescript road in Billings, Montana, which is home to the aging grumpy alcoholic Woody Grant (Bruce Dern).
WOODY Harrelson may be a brilliant actor but he's a poor driver, according to True Detective co-star Matthew McConaughey.