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a larva of a woodborer

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The woodworm caused structural weakness to some of the joists and we have had to replace five or six of them under the floor.
Handy tins of woodworm killer come with a plastic nozzle to pray the fluid into flight holes WHAT PRECAUTIONS YOU CAN TAKE TO DEFEAT WOODWORM TREAT affected furniture by injecting each flight hole with a liberal dose of fluid and brush it on unvarnished surfaces, such as the underside and inside of drawers.
World runners first runne firs w GAMBLING a WISDOM "Someone suggested that the Jockey Club Race Planning Committee consisted of a table and four chairs and I bet m my I they've got woodworm.
The traders failed to do any work as no damp or woodworm were present.
This time, she and the camera crew are headed to a 16th-century Old Manor in Norfolk, where it at first seems Polly and Erich have bitten off a little more than they can chew with a Grade II-building that's overrun with damp, woodworm and death-watch beetles.
Well done organisers, I award you NOT the gold, silver or bronze medal, but a very woodworm eaten wooden spoon.
The Woodworm GXI model is available in two sizes; juniors and adults.
His mother appears on Bee Bee Bee Television, his father is a policeman who locked up the Big Bad Bed Bug Brothers in Woodworm Scrubs prison Instead of doing something normal, like playing for the Earwig Rovers or the England Crickets team, Morris wants--desperately--to be a dancer, if possible on the same stage as the ballerina Dame Gossamer Spider.
It has some wear and a bit of woodworm but remains in good condition and it is quite small - just as Napoleon was," Davie added.
Barnes's book opens with the morally superior voice of the woodworm for whom "man is a very unevolved species compared to the animals" (28).
5-mm long woodworm inside a package of ''Milk France'' sweet buns she purchased last Thursday, they said.
When Ladbrokes explored the ownership of the internet address, it discovered that it was held by Rentokil-Initial plc, a company which employs 130,000 people in over 40 countries and is best known for treating woodworm.
The roof leaks, the walls are under threat from damp and woodworm, and the electrical and plumbing systems are antiquated.