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a larva of a woodborer

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To ascertain whether the woodworm are still active, the surveyor will look at the flight holes, where the woodworm emerge.
A If the woodworm infestation has been successfully treated and your floorboards are structurally sound, there is no need to replace them.
For more information on Woodworm, please visit www.
Research by sustainable architecture experts at the University of Huddersfield is showing that a spider named Pholcus phalangioides - sometimes known as the cellar spider - is very effective at killing off woodworm in old buildings and now there are plans to devise special nesting boxes for the creatures.
At first glance, the workshop looked to be in reasonable condition, but we discovered some decay and evidence of woodworm so we had to renovate some parts of the building," explains Nash.
Start by examining the wood in your loft for things like damp and woodworm.
With just a couple of meaty swings of Freddie Flintoff's Woodworm Flame, Lancashire leaped from third from bottom to second from top, after one single victory at Sussex.
Woodworm holes might look a good sign of age but beware.
Ornate Italian carvings on wooden panels installed at the Welsh church 120 years ago were to be destroyed because of woodworm.
Pilloried him for taking 'half a player' in Ronaldo and a player 'with woodworm in his knees' in Rivaldo.
Look for dents, chips, woodworm signs, pin prick holes, missing struts or feet on chests or sofas
Originally from Dublin and now living in Scotland, Kieran travelled to Fairport Convention's Woodworm studios in Oxfordshire to record his latest and highly acclaimed CD, Jangle which features not only his own accomplished singing and guitar work but also electric and acoustic guitars, bouzouki, mando-cello and mandolin, all expertly played by Maart.
Father-of-four Gary, 34, has added a bedroom, taken out chimney breasts, redone the roof, put in a fitted kitchen and treated it for woodworm and damp.
These dart holes are in fact signs of woodworm infestation.
The company is part of the nationwide Peter Cox Company - specialist contractors for solving damp, woodworm and dry rot problems.