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Summer Institute for Wind Quintet and Woodwind Chamber Music, New York, 6/17-6/24.
We are extremely pleased to add Woodwind Communications to our list of interoperability partners.
Pascoe currently sits on several high technology boards, including Anda Networks, FastComm Communications Corporation and Woodwind Communications Systems, as well as chair of the Advisory Board for Mariner Networks.
The evening had opened, by contrast, in sombre vein, with Tchaikovsky's Francesca da Rimini, a fantasy based on Dante's Inferno, where the Russian composer's angst was tellingly conveyed in a vivid performance, with melancholy woodwind solos, a sad and wistful melody from strings and a dark, exciting climax.
Woodwind clarity was obscured by over-resonance from widely opened acoustic doors, overall balance suffering in consequence.
He has played in the studios for more than 30 years as a woodwind player.
Founding members include Accelerated Networks, Avail Networks, Broadband Gateways, Cayman Systems, General Bandwidth, Intel, IPCell, IpVerse, ishoni networks, MetaSwitch, Santera Systems and Woodwind Communications.
Type of participants: Brass, woodwind, string and percussion instrumentalists, vocalists, guitarists and pianists.
Its lavish orchestral colour, including harp, celeste and vibraphone, was matched by Stewart's delicate and sinewy performance, including the lovely, lilting melody of the Romance, gracefully accompanied by woodwind and strings.
Conducted by the composer, it opened with a busy, angular texture, beating drums and brass evoking the urgent thrills of a classic Western, before relaxing into quirky dance-like rhythms and pastoralism from woodwind, with a touch of heroism from horns and some glorious tumult.
The Company manufactures a complete line of brasswind and woodwind instruments under well-known brand names such as Armstrong, Artley, Bach, Benge, Conn, Emerson and King.
MTNA Junior Woodwind Competition Sponsored by the MTNA FOUNDATION FUND
Balance suffered throughout, with brilliant violins swamped by the polished woodwind team, finally ending with a disappointing gallop instead of a poignant underlying timpani pulse.
Mike Pascoe, Richard Harris and Khaled Nasr Offer Woodwind Extensive Experience in Executing the Visions and Growth Strategies of Start-Ups
Chamber Music Wind: University of Missouri-Kansas City, UMKC Graduate Fellowship Woodwind Quintet