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Synonyms for woodsy

characteristic or suggestive of woods

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abounding in trees

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It's a feminine mix of florals, citrus and woodsy notes that is captivating and chic but still approachable.
In Vermont -- the woodsy heart of America's syrup-making belt -- brewer Sean Lawson of Lawson's Finest Liquids has become a sort of maple maestro with brews like Sticky Ale and Maple Tripple Ale, which is brewed with maple sap.
The bitters round everything off, while the aroma of rosemary evokes the space's woodsy vibe.
Ernesto" and "Hugo", by Labiofam, a state laboratory in Havana, which said, "Ernesto," the cologne named after the Argentine-born revolutionary who fought alongside Fidel Castro in the 1959 Cuban Revolution, would be a woodsy and refreshing citrus scent with notes of talc.
Quantum Conscience," a new visual novel by Woodsy Studio, explores these questions and more.
On the other end of the style spectrum, many showrooms had rustic, woodsy offerings.
The softly expressive, portrait paintings of the cubs with their mother evoke a woodsy charm and natural beary essence.
a woodsy road, the light growing green, life so lush wood smoke filled
Mama Walker's Maple Bacon is described as being somewhat woodsy with a faintly burnt smokiness on the nose followed by a textured body that is slightly crispy and smoky with an understated maple sweetness.
Other people have talked about it but I just got it out my head and have been working hard with Woodsy (goalkeeping coach Stevie Woods) and trying to improve.
Emma Stone's trim tartan jacket proves even the prep set can go woodsy.
Master perfumer Jacques Cavallier combined opposing fragrances, surrounding a warm, woodsy center with delicate notes and a "bubbly, fresh ozonic" top accord.
He said: "It is so hard for a goalkeeper, we work twice as hard as the players and Woodsy (Stevie Woods, Celtic goalkeeping coach) is a madman, he pushes us all of the time.
He's also asked his mate Woodsy at Yeovil Town to sleep over more and his brother Matty to stay a few nights," the friend said.
Skov (the "v" is silent) is Danish for "forest," reflecting Hunt's Danish roots and the winery's woodsy setting.