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a metal screw that tapers to a point so that it can be driven into wood with a screwdriver

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Nuts and bolts, meanwhile, employ the same principle as woodscrews and are vital in any location where two pieces of metal have to be held together.
Attach with two woodscrews through the 1-by-6 into the 2-by-2.
Stand the side pieces on their 12-inch-long edges, overlay the back flush to the outside and bottom edges of the sides, and secure it with three woodscrews per side.
This will offer out-of-hours ordering and online savings, supplying a wide range of products for sale from woodscrews, silicones and personal protective equipment, to structural fixings, builders' metalwork and industry-leading hand and power tools.
Woodscrews hold the frame together, and 4-inch angle irons secure it at the corners.
They linked the four trellises with 2-by-2s, butted end to end and fastened with 2-inch woodscrews to the top seven 1-by-2s that span the arches of each frame.