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Synonyms for woodiness

the quality of abounding in trees


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texture produced by the fibers in wood

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Temporal dynamics of the NDVI influence woodiness, phenology, leaf type, plant longevity, and other vegetation properties controlling fluxes of water, energy and C[O.
Later this month, prune artemisia, butterfly bush, and lavender 6 to 12 inches from the ground to decrease woodiness and encourage growth.
Functional plant traits measured were: height and lateral spread of the plant, leaf mass per area (LMA), leaf dry matter content (DMC), leaf nitrogen concentration, leaf size, seed mass, clonality and woodiness (GUTIERREZ-GIRON & GAVILAN, 2013).
There is some oakiness, some woodiness, maybe it was aged on cherry wood?
Marketing manager Obaid Siddiqui, while testing the perfume on a guest, explained: "This dignified fragrance opens on a citrusy top note of mandarin and lemon with a hint of spicy cardamom that finally intensifies on the woodiness of sandalwood and strong concentrates of pure oud oils.
Elegant with savoury mulberry fruit, sweet spices and plenty of woodiness, it''s a terrific glugger while the rockets bang and fizz in the background tomorrow.
Fresh shavings of the mushroom add a woodiness to the creamy buttery sauce that's just heavenly.
As Nardizzi tracks the Globe's timbers, accreting texts by way of their woodiness, he reconstructs the infra-worlds / structures derived from the re-purposing of woodlands in the period.
Nicely perfumed - and with a lemon flavour and slight woodiness to complement the juniper taste - it is a smooth, quality gin at a good price.
A slight astringency, a mild, bitter finish and the aroma of herbal tea are enhanced by woodiness to round out the complex and appealing taste that chrysanthemum flower achieves, according to the company.
Black paint neutralizes color, as it does the wood itself, and in this way Nevelson's painted sculpture veers from the truth-to-materials ethos of the fifties, by which the aesthetics of the grain or woodiness came to the fore.
Aged an average of four years in French Limousin oak barrels, this tequila is made in Jalisco, Mexico, with 100 percent blue agave and has a dark amber color and light and sweet woodiness with overtones of oak, maple, cloves and almonds.
A bright copper color, Flor de Cana 18 Year Old Rum has a sweet spicy nose of clove, cinnamon and ginger backed by some woodiness.