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Courts should indeed proceed with caution in considering the applicability of forum doctrine to navigable airspace rather than applying the framework woodenly based on the government's proprietary and regulatory control over the space.
The Greek alia [ta] panta kai en pasin Christos can be rendered rather woodenly as "The Messiah [is] all [things]" (neuter plural adjective) and "[is] in all [things or people]" (neuter or masculine/personal plural adjective).
245) Instead of engaging with the due process question, the Fifth Circuit woodenly recited Webster's analogy comparing admitting-privileges requirements to board licensure requirements.
00) is Gail Porter Mandell's well-meant but woodenly written memoir about her year volunteering for a Roman Catholic organization as a teacher in Belize, a half century ago.
It is unclear exactly what the (rather woodenly translated) seraph serpents were.
How could Charles choose Carrie the Yank - played more woodenly than Pinocchio by Andie Macdowell - over the beautiful, witty and enigmatic English Rose Fiona?
It's an interesting thought experiment but one that ultimately falls flat, as the woodenly Socratic dialogue seems more at home in a seminar room than a novel and less an homage to DeLillo than to Taylor himself.
Justice Thomas's rebuttal was three-pronged: "Congress may have simply intended to remove any doubt that officers of customs or excise were included in 'law enforcement officer[s];" (174) plaintiff's preferred reading "threaten [ed] to render 'any other law enforcement officer' superfluous;" (175) and, "[i]n any event, we do not woodenly apply limiting principles every time Congress includes a specific example along with a general phrase.
These Arab startup kids may be buffeted by political events, but they are tightly connected to the global technological base that Karl Marx woodenly described as the "means of production.
The eponym in Siegfried was Hugo Mallet, one of the most ringingly sustained performances I have ever heard, but woodenly conductor-fixated onstage.
Putin smiled woodenly and nodded as Lyudmila spoke, though they both appeared more relaxed after making the announcement.
The baseline of liberal rights need not be abandoned, by their account, unless one interprets liberalism woodenly to deny the substantive corrections necessary for it to be more than an empty promise.
untenable to woodenly "preserve" the common law right to a
tendency to respond woodenly rather than creatively.