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skill and experience in matters relating to the woods (as hunting or fishing or camping)

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skill in carving or fashioning objects from wood

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Mugambi's savage imagination was filled with visions of the spirits of departed friends and enemies, for only to the machinations of such as these could he attribute the disappearance of his pouch and knob-stick in the first excitement of the discovery of their loss; but later and more careful investigation, such as his woodcraft made possible, revealed indisputable evidence of a more material explanation than his excited fancy and superstition had at first led him to accept.
He climbed trees and sought for evidence of the direction of the thief's flight; but the faint signs left by a wary ape who elects to travel through the trees eluded the woodcraft of Mugambi.
So sure was she of her woodcraft, however, that she continued on in the direction she thought west until she had covered sufficient distance to warrant her in feeling assured that, by now turning south, she could pass safely in rear of the British patrol.
By my faith, sirs," he continued, half turning in his saddle to address his escort, "unless my woodcraft is sadly at fault, it is a stag of six tines and the finest that we have roused this journey.
There was one older man, an excellent fisher and skilled in all kinds of woodcraft, who was pleased to look upon my house as a building erected for the convenience of fishermen; and I was equally pleased when he sat in my doorway to arrange his lines.
The real Lord Greystoke had not two guns, to be sure, nor even one, neither did he have a smart loader; but he possessed something infinitely more efficacious than guns, or loaders, or even twenty-three beaters in white smocks--he possessed an appetite, an uncanny woodcraft, and muscles that were as steel springs.
You can easily create 3D models there and replicate them in the form of woodcraft.
1 at an Ontario Labour Relations Board hearing for terminated employees of Gingrich Woodcraft, a northwestern Ontario cabinetry making factory located near Fort Frances.
Return of the Light is a collection of paintings, sculptures, jewellery, textiles, photographs and woodcraft inspired by the dawn of the new season.
The partnership was signed by Emirates Foundation's CEO Clare Woodcraft and Gulf Capital's CEO Dr Karim El Solh, in the presence of senior officials from the two organisations.
This aims to create a framework to exchange knowledge and experience between both parties and to find a solid base of co-operation, said Khalifa Fund CEO Abdullah Saeed Al Darmaki after signing the MoU with Emirates Foundation CEO Clare Woodcraft.
There will be events including boating, walking and woodcraft said Sue Leffman, festival co-ordinator.
Checklist ADDRESS: Woodcraft Close, Tile Hill, Coventry.
This weekend's Woodcraft Weekend at the National Botanic Garden of Wales provides me with just that opportunity.