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The suite of transient wood warbler species most preferred "red" oaks in warm years and hackberry in cold years, and they always strongly avoided cottonwood (Fig.
In Durham, species like wood warbler and winchat are just hanging on with a handful of breeding pairs," said Mr Anderson.
One of my favorite treasures of spring is the return of abundant bird song; in particular, the songs and calls of the wood warbler family.
Rare birds living there include the wood warbler, woodcock, the hobby, and the fire-crest.
FARMLAND and woodland birds have been hit hardest, including the wood warbler, the lesser spotted woodpecker, willow tit, yellowhammers, larks and wading birds like lapwing.
Janice said: "Redstart, wood warbler and willow tit are names which just trip off the tongue.
The study, published last month, found 26 species of bird declined between 1994 and 2003, with the wood warbler and willow tit decreasing by more than 50 per cent.
Gales brought a few Pomarine Skuas past Criccieth, but Bardsey had a quiet week, with a Black Redstart, and the first Wood Warbler ringed here since 2009.
Along with the golden-cheeked warbler, the black-and-white warbler (Mniotilta varia) is the only other species of wood warbler that commonly breeds in the juniper-oak woodlands of the BCP.
Another dotterel featured in a remarkable spring passage on the Great Orme, with wood warbler, ring ouzel, pied and spotted flycatcher and a black redstart present for over a week.
THE photograph of a moss-green bird dining at her peanut feeder by Mrs Scott of Penarth is probably a wood warbler (phylloscopus sibilatrix) - though it could be the much more rare Pallas' warbler, also green and wearing the striking light eyebrow and wing stripes.
Old oak and hazel are features, as are birds like grey wagtail, wood warbler and dipper, which live up to their name by dipping into the fast-running waters of the burn that has fashioned itself a picturesque gorge.
When leaves and snow fall in the White Mountains, the duo follows these painted birdlets - two of the best-known species in the wood warbler multitude - to their wintering places in Jamaica.
The whinchat joins fellow long-distance migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa and humid tropics, such as the cuckoo and wood warbler on the Red list.
As we head out to Newborough forest led by 'Anglesey birdman' Ken to start snapping some red squirrels on nesting boxes, he tells me there's a typically elusive wood warbler in the area.