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Adding to the array of colour are white flowered wood sorrel, foxgloves, stitchworts and buttercups.
My grandmother used to make "Sheep Shower Pie," another name for wood sorrel.
Sorrel: Just tried wood sorrel today--lemony and refreshing.
A survey commissioned by the local council and published in 2006, confirmed that the wood is ancient and of very high ecological value and found no less than 46 different plant species specifically associated with ancient woodland, including greater butterfly orchid, wood sorrel and dogs mercury.
In fact, pink wood sorrel (Oxalis crassipes 'Rosea') is one of the most outstanding ground covers for our area.
Try these wild edibles available in Spring time: Wild Amaranth or Pigweed, Lambs quarters, Ladys thumb, Daylily flowers, Peppergrass, Sheep sorrel, Wood sorrel, Juneberry fruits Galinsoga leaves, Sochan (Rudbeckia laciniata) leaves, Catbriar shoots, Kudzu Shoots, Elderberry flowers.
The rich mold of the forest floor was a seed bed of evergreens of every size, their new green tips flashing in occasional sunlight, interspersed with bunch berry, gold thread, and wood sorrel in profusion.
The two similar tasting but unrelated sour grasses -- sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella) and wood sorrel (Oxalis) -- are vitamin C rich additions to salads found under trees and shrubs.
Plant bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta), wood anemone (Anemone nemerosa), wood sorrel (Oxalis acetosella), early purple orchis (Orchis mascula), foxglove (digitalis purpurea) or ragged robin (Lychnis flos-cuculi).
No, not to the Louvre, not to the Pantheon, not to a street cafe, not to a library, but to the botanical gardens, to the Jardin des Plantes, where you have a chance to meet the dandelion, the wood sorrel, the mallow who will acknowledge you.
The clover-like wood sorrel adds a lemony accent to salads.
Certain wild veggies will land on our plates, such as the clover-looking oxalis or wood sorrel that is quite tart in flavor.
Where: Eglwysfach, Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 8TA, 01654 781209 THE WHITEBROOK IN MONMOUTH Chef: Chris Harrod Typical dishes Orkney scallop with turnip, apple, miso and wood sorrel.