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wood that has been ground to a pulp

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The United States continues to be the largest wood pulp producer in the world with 58 million short tons of output in 2002.
FDA officials admit that both International Playtex and Procter & Gamble, major manufacturers of tampons and sanitary pads, had informed the agency that their products potentially contained dioxin from wood pulp Procter & Gamble also recently purchased Tambrands, makers of Tampax tampons, giving the company leadership in the feminine hygiene market - and the power to improve the standards of the entire industry.
In the process of bleaching wood pulp to press out pearly reams, paper mills may create up to 250 different types of chlorinated contaminants (SN: 5/12/90, p.
One is focused on paper and board that meets international quality standards, produced using wood pulp or high-grade wastepaper.
At Walter's Dam, a few miles below the mill, thick black sludge coats every rock in the river bed, evidence of the tannin bleached out of the wood pulp from millions of trees harvested since 1908.
Last year's finding that chlorine bleaching of wood pulp generte some 250 different chlorinated contaminants, including the most toxic dioxin, sent paper mills scurrying to modify or redesign their bleaching operations (SN: 8/5/89, p.
Major product segments are wood pulp, paper, paperboard, and newsprint.
Approximately 155 million metric tons of wood pulp are produced world-wide, and approximately 260 million metric tons are projected to be produced in 2010.
Reebok International also discontinued its "Telos" hiking boot, made of recycled rubber tires, wood pulp, polyester and soda bottles.
Produced during the chlorine bleaching of wood pulp, dioxins and furans contaminate a range of consumer paper products (SN: 2/18/89, p.
For the production of nonwovens for the medical and sanitary domain and for products in the personal and health care and the cosmetic markets, mainly three fiber types are used: cotton, rayon and wood pulp or cotton linters.
Modifications include reducing levels of chlorine used in bleaching, substituting chlorine dioxide or oxygen-based compounds for elemental chlorine and pretreating wood pulp to limit the release of lignin, a substance involved in dioxin formation.
GFRR's commodity mix is quite diverse, with carload revenue split between wood pulp, beer, agricultural commodities, limestone/aggregate and a multitude of other commodities.
The Chinese government has approved a plan to build a complete forest product supply chain including five million hectares of plantations near the southeast coast with three or four 500,000 metric ton wood pulp mills and several paper mills near the plantations.
The new wipe is made from a special combination of wood pulp and polyester fibers using the spun-lacing production process developed by the company.