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wood that has been ground to a pulp

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Following on from this, a second important trend is the increased use of wood pulp and cotton in flushable wipes.
NatureFlex[TM] NM is a unique cellulose-based film, manufactured from renewable wood pulp and metallised in-house.
Group finance director John Denman said the falling prices of energy and wood pulp and the weakness of the pound would benefit the company.
We now look forward to building an excellent working relationship with Europe's leading wood pulp exporter.
The solvents typically used to convert cellulose into a soluble compound--for example, to process wood pulp into rayon--include carbon disulfide and sodium hydroxide, both of which carry substantial health baggage.
Instead of using cellulose from wood pulp, the researchers draw on material secreted by bacteria.
To help alleviate the problem, Mother Nature has created a biodegradable diaper that uses wood pulp fiber padding rather than gels.
produces virgin and recycled cellulose fibers from wood pulp and paper, mainly to reinforce concrete and thermosets.
THE majority of Finland is covered in trees but that hasn't stopped the Fins from ordering thousands of tonnes of Welsh wood pulp.
To produce one ton of wood pulp (the material that is used to make paper), it takes 16,320 kilowatt hours (kwh).
The Environmental Quality Laboratory scientist also found feather fiber can replace some of the wood pulp used to make paper products such as air filters and decorative paper.
This is too complex to discuss in this article, but if you turn wood pulp from China into paper in Japan or the US, that is fine.
The federal engineer adds that more than 60 explosions of wood dust, wood flour, wood pulp and sawdust have been investigated.
While autos, fruit and wood pulp account for most of the port's shipping activity, it also gets a steady stream of unusual and one-of-a-kind vehicles - from rare sports cars to military tanks.
When there's less demand for virgin wood pulp, timber companies are likely to sell some of their tree farms--maybe to condominium developers.