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Key words: alanine aminotransferase, bioaccumulation, microsomal lipid peroxidation, PFOS, relative liver weight, wood mouse.
The sperm of the European wood mouse, Apodemus sylvaticus, hook together in long, thick trains that can double an individual's speed, say Harry Moore of the University of Sheffield in England and his colleagues in the July 11 Nature.
The scientists came to this conclusion after studying the impact of two foreign species, the bank vole and greater white toothed shrew, on native animals the wood mouse and the pygmy shrew.
Apodemus sylvaticus ydi'r enw gwyddonol arnyn nhw - wood mouse neu field mouse yn Saesneg.
The survey of the 100ft garden in Woolton, Liverpool, also unearthed wildflowers, birds, a frog and a wood mouse.
Goldfinches, bullfinches and greenfinches were also discovered, along with a rare wood mouse.
The little birds come every morn, They sing their songs from crack of dawn, There is a badger and a fox And hedgehogs eating from a box, A darting, charming, sweet wood mouse And squirrels feeding near the house.
Sangassou virus was found in an African wood mouse (Hylomyscus simus) in Guinea (2).
Pete seems at home with humankind, although he displayed a slightly petulant side when a wood mouse nipped out of the hedge to take advantage of the luncheon left out for him, eating more than his fair share of the hog's meal.
In the early hours of the morning when all was hushed and still and I shivered inside my thick coat,I noticed a movement from the corner of my eye; a tiny wood mouse ventured forth from the shrubbery and jerked along like a clockwork toy towards a discarded piece of chocolate muffin near a bin.
The effort yielded 35 bank voles, 17 yellow-necked mice, and 1 wood mouse.
Many other rodent-hantavirus associations are known, including the recent discovery of a hantavirus in the African wood mouse (Hylomyscus simus) (6).