wood grain

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texture produced by the fibers in wood

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Kem Aqua SoPro, Kem Aqua Wood Grain and Kem Aqua Earth Tones were formerly offered as the Duckback-branded products SoPro, Wood Grain Natural Toners, and Wood Grain Earth Tones, which Sherwin-Williams acquired in September 2013.
Cocoa blends medium brown and milk chocolate colors, bold linear grain pattern, and a detailed wood grain texture to give you a refined, modern aesthetic.
The MyDipKit offers more than 100 film patterns ranging from camouflages, wood grains, animal prints and carbon fibers, your choice of several paint colors, a high or low gloss to give your dipped product a professionally finished look, and is well known for its exceptionally high standards of customer service.
2 Sculpted wood grain soap with its own wooden soap dish from Gianna Rose ($12.
Researchers at Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick have devised a way of using a laser that transforms medium density fibreboard (MDF) to give it a surface finish that looks like expensive wood grains.
The wood grain is still crying out to be noticed in its wainscot.
In response to growing demand for high-quality authentic looking wood effect cladding, Celuform have extended the range of shiplap products by introducing a new PVC-ue embossed wood grain finish--Celutex.
The vanished building's wood grain echoes the stumps' blackened bark, and the grouping serves as a reminder that all living things eventually end up as gray ash.
Williamsen says that the Toyota Production System helps assure that the right pieces arrive so that the wood grain is matched for each vehicle.
Some episodes will have viewers nodding in agreement, such as ``Signs From Heaven'' on June 27, which ridicules pilgrimages and prayers to images of the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich or Jesus in the wood grain of a door.
Tabletops and undersides can be wood grain, marbleized, or solid colors to match existing interiors.
The titanium handle comes in choice of gray, gold, purple, blue, black, carbon fiber, multicolor and wood grain.
The door skins, when assembled on a frame with an insulative core provides a molded, reinforced plastic door having a superior wood grain surface appearance, superior thermal characteristics and lower manufacturing costs.