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a coarse file with sharp pointed projections


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His defence lawyer Katheryn Hirst said he took the wood file to dances at Brent Town Hall "for protection".
Since the wood used to make paint sticks is harder than balsa, it is best to use a wood file to shape the wings, although coarse sandpaper can be used.
brad point bit, a fine-tooth metal file and a coarse-tooth wood file.
Get a good wood rasp: a coarsetoothed wood file that is flat on one side and rounded on the other to remove stock that the saw, plane and chisels leave behind.
Besides simple hand tools, we recommend a wood file and a square that can be used to guide a saw (see Photo 1 for an example).
If you have a router, you can use it to round over some of the edges, but a simple wood file and sandpaper will work.
Wood requires the very sharpest and freshest of files, so canny file operators will never use wood files on metal until wood files are retired.
Any former Brown & Wood files returned from storage needed to have all labels changed before delivery to a lawyer, as they had to reflect the new client/matter numbers and folder bar codes.