wood engraving

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a print made from a woodcut


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engraving consisting of a block of wood with a design cut into it

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He also teaches wood engraving in print studios and schools.
Bold, fresh, honest and naturalistic, these illustrations were sketched on location and converted into wood engravings in the New York studio.
Northern Print is running a number of wood engraving workshops for the duration of the exhibition: Wood Engraving (suitable for beginners) will run on Saturday, January 31, from 10am-5pm.
The North East is considered by many to be the home of wood engraving, so we're delighted to welcome this travelling exhibition to the region for the first time in its history," said Anna Wilkinson, director of Northern Print which will also be running wood engraving workshops.
Many of the 130-odd lithographs, wood engravings, and source drawings on offer come from the pages of La Caricature, the weekly journal of lithography and political satire for which Grandville worked from 1830 until 1835, when the July Monarchy shut it down; images from Un Autre Monde, a volume published by the artist in 1844, will also be included.
Drypoints, etchings, collagraphs, wood engravings, and linocuts will be included.
The event includes works from more than 30 artists spanning media such as Chinese ink and watercolours, wood engravings, acrylics, pastels, digital photography and metal relief sculptures.
Black-and-white wood engravings by expert John Lawrence beautifully illustrate this sentimental compilation, perfect for reading aloud or sharing with the family while celebrating yuletide.
Written in rhyming verse in the style of classic Yukon ballads, and illustrated with more than 40 colorful and stylized wood engravings, The First Chinook is a delightful picturebook filled with true stories of adventure.
1, Bruce Conner conjured the spirit of Max Ernst's collage novels in his elegant cut-ups of vintage wood engravings, while Bjorn Copeland arranged more recent bits and bobs into wild 'n' crazy--but nonetheless clean and balanced--compositions.
Auction items, spanning five centuries, include wood engravings by Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer; rare etchings by Rembrandt; first edition etchings -- including extremely rare impressions -- by Goya; etchings by Renoir; hand-signed works from the 1920s-60s by Picasso; a selection of aquatints, etchings and lithographs from nearly every period by Miro; and etchings, engravings and lithographs by Chagall.
Escher made a total of 448 lithographs, woodcuts and wood engravings and over 2000 drawings and sketches.
Starling roost by (Woodcut) The Devon-based printmaker's own wood engravings are characterised by their precision and rich detail.
Over 100 of the best wood engravings from around the world came to County Durham last week.
In these most public works--canvases for the royal and imperial courts of his own day or for industrialists, wood engravings for multivolume popular histories--Menzel dreamed an airless world of automatonlike courtiers, treacherous physiognomies, periwigs and tricorn hats, and gargantuan crystal chandeliers.