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a chisel for working wood

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Take an old wood chisel or broad-based screwdriver and chip out the failed putty making sure you avoid damaging the wood in the process.
Dried excess glue can simply be popped off with a wood chisel.
I used a wood chisel to remove two strips of foam insulation below and above the thermostat.
You will also need waterproof wood glue, a staple gun and a sharp wood chisel.
Remove this 5/8" X 1/16" strip with the wood chisel.
A Cordless drill with screwdriver attachments, hand saw, claw hammer, smoothing plane, tape measure, pincers, square, set of wood chisels, a mallet, small pointing trowel, A builders' ' merchant will usually supply you with a starter kit.
They press special wood chisels called gouges, skews or scrapers into the wood to make shavings.
Polyhedron Holdings brands include RECORD(R) vices, clamps, bolt cutters, pipe tools, planes and pliers; MARPLES(R) wood chisels, joiners tools, carving and turning tools and wood boring tools; BULLDOG(R) horticultural, agricultural and contractors tools (shovels, forks, spades, hoes, trowels and cutting tools); GILBOW(R) snips; and in Holland, NOOITGEDAGT(R) wood chisels, gouges, turning tools, mallets and carving tools.
CUTLINE: (1) Wood chisels, saws and other low-tech tools are used in snow sculpting.