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engraving consisting of a block of wood with a design cut into it

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They were made from simple wood blocks covered with handmade Italian marbleized paper.
This marvellous catalogue will certainly improve our understanding of the history of Bewick's illustrative work, which is an excellent foundation for investigation into more complex bibliographical questions about his oeuvre such as the commodification of engraved wood blocks and metal plates.
2) Clockwise from top right: Leominster's downtown as viewed from the Wood Block Building; (3) a portrait of author Robert Cormier hangs in the Leominster Public Library; (4) Johhny Appleseed was born here; (5) the honeybee yard at Sholan Farms; (6) a bridge at the Doyle Estate, part of the Trustees of the Reservations; (7) a headstone for Joseph Palmer, who "was persecuted for wearing the beard," is at Evergreen cemetery.
If you bend it up too much, use a wood block or nylon punch to tap it back down.
Erin Stead's wood block prints with pencil are delicate, warm and full of expressive qualities as Amos McGee, zookeeper, discovers he has a sniffle and must take a day off work.
This striking catalog, published in conjunction with an exhibition of the same title running at the University of Michigan Museum of Art from July through October 2011, presents an impressive collection of contemporary Chinese wood block art that showcases the complex interpretation of the classical form by modern artists and pushes examined boundaries of the medium.
The lounge/ diner has original wood block flooring and multi-fuel stove.
Alternatively, I suggest the Lion Sabatier Licorne fivepiece set in havea wood block.
Sequin voile top, pounds 50, soft grey trousers, pounds 35, grey lurex crinkle scarf, pounds 10, @Next; Denim teeny jacket, pounds 30, white vest, pounds 8, pink floral stripe skirt, pounds 35, @ Next; Pink embellished crushed dress, pounds 35, @Next; Stone hoody jacket, pounds 35, multi stripe vest, pounds 12, button detail jeans, pounds 32, neutral wood block shoes, pounds 35, @Next; Blue bussle back top, pounds 25, skinny ecru jeans, pounds 25, sequin clutch bag, pounds 20, @Next; Flower print dress, pounds 22, white canvas pump, pounds 10, @Next
This novel and distinctive art form employed a traditional production system that combined the efforts of artists with those of carvers, printers, and publishers who came together to form 'studio teams' to create wood block prints that often included Kabuki actor portraits, landscapes, birds, flowers, and other natural themes familiar to the Japanese.
Treasury Department covering wood block flooring for use in U.
A reconstituted wood block modular building system utilized to build a wall that includes a concrete slab, a plurality of anchor bolts, a plurality of vertically-oriented steel rods, a plurality of threaded sleeves, a plurality of reconstituted wood blocks, a plurality of elongated, slender, and rectangular-parallelepiped-shaped horizontal alignment keys, a plurality of elongated, slender, and rectangular-parallelepiped-shaped vertical alignment keys, and an adhesive.
Wood block, wood laminate or oak floorboards with a few well-placed rugs are the ideal foil for modern furniture.
She later learned an American woodcutting technique, called the Provincetown Method, which uses a carved pine wood block and watercolors.