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Synonyms for wonton

a Chinese dumpling filled with spiced minced pork


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a soup with won ton dumplings

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There are numerous wonton recipes like the Hong Kong fried wonton, Sanxian wonton filled with shrimps, and the Sichuan pepper flavoured hot and spicy wontons.
The Authentic Asia range also includes hand-finished Prawn Wonton Soup and the latest from the range, a Prawn Wonton Soup with Egg Noodles, both of which are served in an authentic Thai broth using traditional recipes and the freshest ingredients to produce delightful, healthy meals.
Mix with your hands into the minced pork Lightly egg the edges of the wonton papers and place small teaspoons of either mixture into the middle, pull the edges up into little money bag shapes, twisting the tops Either steam for five mins or deep fry and finish in the oven.
Convenient, ready-to-eat, microwaveable catfish wonton turnovers are one new creation.
A market study in Little Rock by Kim and UAPB aquaculture marketing professor Kwamena Quagrainie showed that people are prepared to purchase the finished wonton product Kim developed.
Auntie unwraps a wonton, / careful not to break the skin, / tucks the speck inside / and folds it back.
Egg rolls, wonton soup and chicken lo mein taste delicious when eaten out of those cardboard take-out boxes.
Whizz all the wonton ingredients, except the wrappers, into a coarse paste.
Byline: Coventry's own celebrity TV chef, JAMIE WILLIAMS, serves up a taste of the Orient with Wonton Soup
Ira Sherman and John Vasiliou, as exclusive agents, handled the sale of a 2,900 square-foot building at 52-20 37th Street in Long Island City to Wonton Food, Inc.
Using a Doppler velocimeter, which measures blood flow through the skin by bouncing light waves off red blood cells, he found no flushing in the faces of six men given progressive MSG doses building up to four to six times the amount in a typical bowl of wonton soup.
The enhanced Triple Happiness menu also features the new Tuna Tataki Crisp: sliced Ahi tuna, seared rare on a crispy wonton, topped with fresh diced Ahi tuna, crisp cucumber tossed in citrus-sesame soy sauce.
The wonton cheeseburger, which could have been either a burger made of wonton filling or a wonton made of burger filling (it was the latter), was a step in the right direction.
Two of Hong-Kongs iconic dishes Deep Fried Wonton with Sweet and Sour Seafood Sauce & Smoked Fish Fillet will be proposed at Four Seasons Chinese restaurant.