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in the habit


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Receive my head into your hands, for it is a great satisfaction to me to sit facing my holy place, where I was wont to pray, that I may also, sitting, call upon my Father.
Above all else it's on organisation of members who wont to contribute--a reciprocal organisation for on industry working together," adds Heeks.
Bridget is quintessentially 21st century British - frequently embarrassed, wont to over-indulgence, and with her Chardonnayswilling mates acting as her own nuclear family.
But even though Knopes' father was wont to stoutly declare "Any damn fool can be a farmer
After all, this is not what supplier salespeople are wont to do: Turn down an order.
The latter point is hammered home as children pray (some in tongues, as Pentecostal believers are wont to do) to a cardboard cutout of George W.
As he is wont to do, Bush invoked 9/11 several times.
That expense, as liberals are wont to say, would be borne disproportionately by the poor and minorities.
Apparently, despite all our excessive body weight, Americans are still wont to do more than waddle.
Nascent dynasties are inevitably concerned with their own legitimacy and are thus wont to malign their predecessors.
As snails are wont to do, these sulfide-armored creatures live sedentary lives.
The call to action has finally begun to resonate from legislators, educators and non-profit groups: We must get kids moving their bodies again, as kids, historically anyway, were wont to do.
As historians are wont to do, he seeks to rehabilitate what has been condemned.
We're afraid that if we go down some road defined by the United States, O'Neill will either retire or abruptly change the positions which he has been wont to do.
Instead of reveling in the power of gizmos to transform the world, as he is wont to do, Gates, apparently a born-again empathizer, told the crowd that basic health care and literacy programs, not computers, are the most important ways to help the world's poorest people.