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Synonyms for wonky



Synonyms for wonky

turned or twisted toward one side

inclined to shake as from weakness or defect

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Wonky veg hit the headlines earlier this year when the EU ditched rules that prescribed the exact size, shape and colour of fresh produce.
SHAPELY: Gwen Young of Whickham, who runs an organic vegetable company with husband Ian, with a selection of wonky veg PICTURE: TONY HALL www.
Garden Organic, a driving force behind the campaign, wants you to get out in the garden and dig something up to see if your portly potatoes or bendy beans could be a wonky veg winner.
Usually level-headed people's behaviour can go a bit wonky when confronted by a cat.
If that goes wonky there are three race meetings to get stuck into, although attheraces viewers will have to make do with Plumpton as Stratford and Taunton are with the other mob.
From the early, reputation-making Corner Basher (a wrecking-ball-and-chain contraption let loose on the corners of the gallery) to her recent wonky cube structures, the eye is constantly drawn to the edge, where the imagination may begin its work of deformation.
YOU'LL have read about the massive recall for wonky airbags on millions of Japanese cars.
Samantha Cameron had black nail varnish and Sarah Brown had wonky toes.
A snooty, glossy relic from the past useful only for supporting the wonky leg on the doctor's surgery coffee table.
I do not have young children, although when I did I didn't have the luxury of a car to go shopping, but if a wonky trolley and a shrieking child are too much for a young healthy woman to cope with maybe she would like to try being over 60, working full time just to survive, having arthritis and a bad back and not being able to park anywhere near the store because young, strong women with healthy noisy kids and often four-wheeled drives are taking up all the room.
To this end, she distinguishes between four main strands: the display of Tate Modern 2000: The Collection (the slightly wonky title for that part of the permanent collection of international twentieth-century art going on view at the new address); the temporary exhibition program; commissioned works; and a series of projects based not in the galleries but in other media or at other sites.
Wonky, the pup who could only walk on her knuckles, has a new home, a loving owner and is running around off the lead.
Perhaps fearing that the uglier-dog owners might turn, er, ugly, organisers were keen to point out that Abby has a crooked back and wonky eye.
WONKY vegetables are set to return to supermarket shelves - with stores promising the move will slash prices.
A SUPERMARKET has launched a campaign to put wonky fruit and veg on the shelves to beat the credit crunch.