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performing or able to perform wonders or miracles

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31) Fine rulers of Moscow, for their part, associated themselves with Sergius and Moscow's wonderworking saints, offering various forms of support to the religious community and benefiting, in turn, from the church's organization and the veneration of "national" saints, which helped unite the "gathered" lands of Rus' and build a sense of Russian identity.
Such objects--saints' relics and wonderworking images--did of course also generate revenue, but their meaning and role for the monastic community and the wider society could be much richer than that.
Hans Sloane upheld the efficacy of a number of wonderworking remedies in his medical practice which would later be dismissed as superstitious.
We have all these wonderworking technologies, all these clever schemes for producing the golden eggs--or you could always take home little Bernice.
One oblique way into this breach, of course, is through the wonderworking powers of popular culture, which in today's art world frequently means Japanese popular culture.
The real and false miracles of Dimitry, wonderworking icons, the political rise and fall of a runaway monk--"these miracles too," Clayton concludes, "are part and parcel of the ideological and spiritual world of Orthodoxy that Pushkin evokes in his text" (140).
s life--the wonderworking woman (Manal Khader), the handholder--looks so fine that soldiers stand dumbfounded at the roadblock, helpless to stop her legs from scissoring past in a white Paris dress.
113) The same is true of other allegedly miraculous phenomena, such as wonderworking relics, holy statues that wept blood, and stigmata--for all of which "rational" explanations were provided by many skeptical contemporaries.