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Synonyms for wonderment

the emotion aroused by something awe-inspiring or astounding

one that evokes great surprise and admiration

Synonyms for wonderment

the feeling aroused by something strange and surprising

References in classic literature ?
She saw that her would-be rescuer was young and strong featured--all together a very fine specimen of manhood; and to her great wonderment it was soon apparent that he was no unequal match for the great mountain of muscle that he fought.
The inhabitants flocked around me, examining my clothing, and exclaiming in wonderment at each new discovery of button, buckle, pocket, and flap.
He regarded me with wonderment, and then came the damnable light, glowing and spreading, as I have described it, till his face shone soft and warm, like the summer moon, and then the laugh--"Ha
She had stepped out beside me, and I regarded her with wonderment.
It may be observed in this place, lest the fact of Mr Brass calling a lady a rascal, should occasion any wonderment or surprise, that he was so habituated to having her near him in a man's capacity, that he had gradually accustomed himself to talk to her as though she were really a man.
The New Jersey State Aquarium is not only a monument to the "spirit of childlike wonderment," said Johnson, but "a monument to challenge.
No one will ever find a fountain of youth," Pageant of the Masters Director Diane Challis Davy acknowledged, "but art has the ability to capture and preserve childhood's sense of innocence and wonderment, and that can continue to spark our own creativity.
I am often a source of embarrassment to my children but wonderment to my grandchildren.
All seasons are enchanting, Pure wonderment through them all, Let's take a stroll to where we are Such beauty to enthrall.
David Brower viewed the world with a childlike sense of wonderment.
A brilliance beyond any other or a person Of wonderment it seems, Not yet seen in history?
Despite my love of words, it is difficult to describe my wonderment at these beautiful little events but even harder is trying to articulate the gratitude I feel for actually being in a position to notice them.
Writing in a popular style, Sachdev explains what these cases show about the workings of the brain, and invites readers to join him in wonderment about the brain and the human condition.
It's long been a sense of wonderment to me how academics manage to win grants into the bizarre, the arcane and nonsensical, but if Professor Russell Foster of Oxford University doesn't take the biscuit he's certainly hoovered up a few crumbs.
If you're in the mood for some man-vs-nature wonderment crossed with wide-eyed what-the-Victorians-did-for-us enthusiasm then be sure to tune in.