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Synonyms for wonderingly

in a curious and questioning manner

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Half a dozen of the top-riders observed his feat, wonderingly, but made no comment, deeming it prudent not to express surprise at what might be the conventional manner of alighting in this bewildering city.
Little Annie looked, searched, and asked them all if any one could tell her of the Fairy whom she sought; but the birds looked wonderingly at her with their soft, bright eyes, and still sang on; the flowers nodded wisely on their stems, but did not speak, while butterfly and bee buzzed and fluttered away, one far too busy, the other too idle, to stay and tell her what she asked.
She expected him to ask her for a waltz, but he did not, and she glanced wonderingly at him.
As Best Man I will always treasure the look of his bride as she gazed wonderingly at his ashen features as they stood there at the altar unsure whether he would make it through the service.
Yes, it was "My heart" that "fled" to find God under such pressure, Hopkins says wonderingly, but it was "dovewinged," "Carrier-witted," apparently under the command of something other than conscious will.
The ghosts of departed cook-maids looked wonderingly on': Specters of Servitude in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The House of the Seven Gables
To the question, "do you think arithmetic was invented or discovered," the poet reports the mother's reply as, "well i just don't know she says/ wonderingly i never really thought about it you sure come up/ with the strangest questions really i don't know how you got to be/ so smart.
On the other hand, Putin was asking wonderingly, what is the difference between those moderate opposition and unneutral opposition?
A 9 year old Hui girl whose father owned a private halal restaurant on a Muslim street, with all her peers and neighbors being Hui Muslim, asked me wonderingly how it was possible for me to be a Muslim and not a Hui.
The free spirit Jessa (Jemima Kirke) leans back casually with her arms spread along the back of the bench and her head cocked wonderingly.
Already half asleep again, she turns her head and asks wonderingly, "Where else would you be?
Sometimes of a night we tell our children to get out the big old family Bible and read to us, and we listen wonderingly until, tired from a long day in the fields, we fall asleep.
At Persepolis Alexander the Great is said to have bent down wonderingly to examine this gooey stuff, hints of the oil refineries that today punctuate the sands for miles.
and wander[ing] among the ruins of old Rome" (Little Dorrit, 795), or her floating alone in a gondola are looked askance by the governess and by polite society: "Social people in other gondolas began to ask each other who the little solitary girl was whom they passed sitting in her boat with folded hands looking so pensively and wonderingly about her" (608).