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admirable excellence

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1) Presented as living entities that can 'memorise', 'count' time or even 'imprint' pictures, the wonderfulness of such 'living things' resides in their performative powers.
Mark that every day, they are prospering and it gives you a sense of wonderfulness that everything is going right in their lives.
5 square-mile Lake Sunapee and the hilly Western New Hampshire countryside is gorgeous (a close second place in scenic wonderfulness to the panorama from atop Gunstock in Gilford, New Hampshire, with its views of mammoth Lake Winnipesaukee, the Granite State's biggest lake), we came to the Newbury, New Hampshire resort for the skiing.
It is a large body of work, about the wonderfulness of human beings, depicted with honesty and empathy.
I just couldn't face being bullied by Joan and Kahn about the wonderfulness of Joan's book and how everything must be different from now on
Year after year, the remote fly-in lakes we reach from Knobby's in Sioux Lookout retain their wild wonderfulness.
It comes down to your tenacity to get around that corner and having the gratitude to embrace the wonderfulness that you find there.
So the first 30 days of 2014 will be chaotic and busy and wonderful, which, although not very different from the normal chaos and wonderfulness, will certainly be exciting.
This is packed with heat from the chorizo and salty squidginess from the halloumi - it's just full of wonderfulness really.
In the meantime, consider the wonderfulness of watching Chicago have to give up local assault weapons bans, and allow law-abiding adults with enough money to apply to be able to defend themselves.
In other words, our small human lives are not insignificant given the backdrop of creation, rather our lives mimic its wonderfulness.
Legions of artisan winemakers swore up and down that they knew from personal experience that filtration ripped the heart and soul and guts and wonderfulness out of wine.
The truth is that a city sound forged in the furnace of pop and rock wonderfulness has lost its spark.
If menwho conceivably range from shaygetz gods like Robert Redford with rumpled golden locks suitable for tender/inflamed mussing to the nebbishy bald guy your mother made you go out with over Thanksgivingultimately reject you, it's not because of anything you've done wrong, but because the schmucks are simply scared of your Katie-girl wonderfulness.