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admirable excellence

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In the meantime, consider the wonderfulness of watching Chicago have to give up local assault weapons bans, and allow law-abiding adults with enough money to apply to be able to defend themselves.
The truth is that a city sound forged in the furnace of pop and rock wonderfulness has lost its spark.
Some people eagerly extol the wonderfulness of CSR.
Ten times the frequency that red would appear, Hence the wonderfulness, how it sparkles so clear; There is another reason.
Shine the spotlight on their desires, resources and objectives, not on your own wonderfulness.
From the moment he woke in the morning and climbed down the step-ladder from his bed, he was at his cocky best, boasting to all of his wonderfulness, whilst making his subjects bow to him so he could look down on them.
Your pride may have taken a hit because slowly but surely, you are getting the message that someone is not blown away by your wonderfulness as much as you'd like them to be Leo.
And he compared closing libraries to child abuse, adding: "You're injuring a child, you're hindering it from learning to read and you're postponing it and taking away something of the wonderfulness of childhood.
Love the wintry wonderfulness of taking the kids to school on a sledge.
If you were so busy that you haven't managed to book tickets or time off work to go along and enjoy some of the cultural wonderfulness, the BBC has helpfully put together this three-part guide to the best stuff going on at the event this year.
The many reflections that Jenna Lucado includes in this book allows the reader to take inventory of their life, and genuinely and honestly look at areas that can be improved, while discovering the wonderfulness of the perfect Dad we all have.
The women, on the other hand, are either admiring or jealous of her sheer wonderfulness.
First Niemoller: "This interpretation which Jesus himself gives of his death is, as we noted, plain; but in its wonderfulness incomprehensible and in its depth unfathomable.
is long on rhetoric, long on its wonderfulness, yet its actions within its own history demonstrate the shortcomings of its democracy.
And as the sea surpasses the land in this matter, so the whale fishery surpasses every other sort of maritime life, in the wonderfulness and fearfulness of the rumors which sometimes circulate there.