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So the Magician leaned over and shook from the bottle some grains of the wonderful Powder, and they fell directly on the Patchwork Girl's head and arms.
There is nothing more wonderful about your carcass than there is about the carcass of a banth.
Deaf, dumb, and blind it will lie sealed in its buried vault far beneath the surface of Barsoom--just a great, wonderful, beautiful brain with nothing to distract it from eternal thought.
Once, in that day, he heard again the wonderful sound, seemingly more distant, but rising imperiously above the nearer war-drums in the bush.
And, while he wept, the wonderful sound had pealed forth--if by PEAL, he had often thought since, an adequate description could be given of the enunciation of so vast a sound melting sweet.
He knew that he had written a great book--a book that would score a wonderful success--a book that would LIVE.
It can be clearly shown that the most wonderful instincts with which we are acquainted, namely, those of the hive-bee and of many ants, could not possibly have been thus acquired.
It is thus, as I believe, that all the most complex and wonderful instincts have originated.
The sun was shining gloriously; the children that had been confirmed went out of the town; and from the wood was borne towards them the sounds of the unknown bell with wonderful distinctness.
But on he went, without being disheartened, deeper and deeper into the wood, where the most wonderful flowers were growing.
It was a wonderful half-hour that Pollyanna spent then.
The visit, certainly, was a delightful one, but before it was over, Pollyanna was realizing that they were talking about something besides the wonderful things in the beautiful carved box.
I thought the surf at the Cliff House was wonderful, but it gave no idea of this.
Lady Carey, in a wonderful green gown, her neck and bosom ablaze with jewels, seemed to be making her farewells.
His wonderful enterprise, his wonderful wealth, his wonderful Bank, were the fattening food of the evening paper that night.