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Synonyms for wonderer

someone who is curious about something

someone filled with admiration and awe


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Wondering becomes wandering in this poem, Olds inseparable from her mother, Olds the wonderer, the mother the wanderer--all of it within tight halls and rooms or within the closeting of the poem itself.
She is "a great wonderer, as everyone must be who takes a lively interest in all the comings and goings of all their acquaintance" (70).
It was to those doors that a wandering wonderer -- or a wondering wanderer -- was drawn, seeking repair of neglected spiritual foundations.
Even if a stereotype is a stereotype is a stereotype, it bears emphasizing that Huck is anything but a classical peregrinus, incorrigible itinerant, compulsive wonderer, notorious rambler, habitual rover, dedicated stroller, enthusiastic saunterer, inveterate globe-trotter, bird of passage, or netscape navigator.
A portable defibrillator helped save the life of Bolton Wonderers midfielder Fabrice Muamba in an FA Cup quarter final in 2012 and, only this season a life of a local youth player was saved thanks to a portable defibrillator.
The Warwick Wonderers - Roger Northam from Solihull, Guy Bicknell from Coventry, Dan Bone from Birmingham and Michael Clough from Southam - were the overall winners of the challenge.
The ex-Hoops and Aston Villa midfielder is turning out for West Midlands side Wychall Wonderers after bravely battling leukaemia.