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(sports) a record of win versus losses

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The failure of the Mets to strengthen their bullpen not only hurt Glavine's won-lost record but cost the team a playoff spot in 2007 and had longer-term implications for the next season.
You might not have known this, because typically the only time APR is big news is when a team scores low enough to be penalized with loss of scholarships - you know, when it impacts the won-lost record.
Readers know the rest of the story; the Suns had the best won-lost record in the NBA.
Since Greinke joined Los Angeles in 2013, through the All-Star break this year, the two starting aces have combined for a 52-20 won-lost record.
Allen Webster, who has the best won-lost record in the Red Sox rotation at 3-1, will be the Boston starter.
Mathematically, then, if the sum of the team-dependent won-lost records of the players on a team is W (wins) and L (losses), then the team's won-lost record will be as follows:
ARCADIA - Now that Lost in the Fog has run his won-lost record to a nice round 10-0, it's time to consider the ultimate honor for the popular colt and his uncommonly wise managers.
Running a responsible program and your won-lost record may seem more important, but at least part of running a successful program is learning to "Play Your Cards Right.
Her stellar performance rewarded JRU a share of fifth spot with the Lady Blazers on a 3-3 won-lost record, half-a-game behind the No.
One way to measure their contributions is by the team's won-lost record with them in the starting lineup.
Although the RBI team finished the 2012 event at 0-4, its performance was more impressive than its won-lost record might indicate.
In the previous three seasons, his won-lost record with two major and one minor league team totaled only 16 games because of arm trouble.
When faced with the task of reversing a negative trend in your won-lost record, you will have to address several vital factors.
517) won-lost record, two National League pennants and two World Series titles.