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59) "Women who work must continue to dress traditionally," one women's liberationist acknowledged.
In a paper that she took to the Marxist Feminist Conference in Sydney in June 1977, Canberra Women's Liberationist Biff Ward described the 'initial exhilarating flush of feminism' which was 'based on four things, which together gave a feeling of personal elation and closeness to other women, which we call sisterhood'.
The recent wave of women's liberationists have certainly had more time for Engels than Marx.
Initially, then, their assumed constituency was an internal, movement-specific one, but New Left men's antagonistic response led emerging women's liberationists to see the movement as a microcosm of the larger society and to conclude that radical men were incapable of reform, no different from any other men.
Women's liberationist and historian Ann Curthoys, for example, described herself as sharing the care of her son with her husband 'equally, rigidly equally' (For and Against Feminism 31).
Women's liberationists joined more fluid, "amoeba'Mike consciousness-raising groups, creating theory that brought together the "personal and the political.
While Browder gives us interesting snapshots of famous and infamous women with guns--including Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde, Elaine Brown of the Black Panthers, and Carolyn Chute of the contemporary militia movement--we are not given much information about what women's gun use meant to moderate civil rights activists (or moderate racists for that matter), women's liberationists, military employees, or regular law-abiding citizens.
Alternatively, a fascinating 1971 article in The Ladder, the magazine of the Daughters of Bilitis (DOB), the first national lesbian organization, treated monogamous, stable relationships as a longstanding feature of lesbian culture, one that young gay liberationists and women's liberationists had unfairly dismissed.
Bock suggests that the goals of women's liberationists were different from those of earlier women's rights campaigners since they attempted to speak for all women while emphasizing individual subjectivity.
Yet if Lerner's 1950s differ from the image so many readers conjured from The Feminine Mystique, they also jar the story told by the younger generation of women's liberationists, who defined themselves against the older feminists they saw as irredeemably "liberal," obsessed with equality in the public world to the exclusion of the private and subjective.
While the legal constraints that galvanized their predecessors a century earlier were mostly gone, the new women's liberationists found that marriage, de facto, still served many women poorly, especially in conjunction with motherhood.
I hope I'm not going to face the wrath of women's liberationists over equal rights for female dogs
Women's liberationists from New Left groups radicalized the feminist movement in the late 1960s with a growing network of local groups and publications.
When, in the 1970s, women's liberationists in Italy, France, the UK, and the US turned to psychoanalytic theory as a tool for understanding feminine subjectivity and sexuality, they used the rereading of Freud developed by the former Salpetriere psychiatrist Jacques Lacan, whose practice and theory reprivileged hysteria.
Without infiltration, women's liberationists still would have censored group members for having the wrong appearance, the wrong partner or the wrong job.
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