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In September 1972 a leaflet on contraception and abortion was distributed in the Hay Street Mall; and Pat recalls a Women's Lib street demonstration, possibly modelled on previous demonstrations by the Union of Australian Women (1), where women walked to Parliament House and draped a series of babies' nappies bearing the message "Nappy power is not enough" over the public gallery.
WHEN the Women's Lib movement was taking wing we were told that unleashing the full potential of the female sex would enrich our society.
PUNK queen Siouxsie Sioux claims she's struck another blow for women's lib with her first solo album.
Linda, who was also the first black woman to work on the Women's Lib magazine, Spare Rib, will be the first speaker at a new series of talks at Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Jordan Well.
Salzman, Matathia, and O'Reilly, who also co-authored the best-selling book Buzz, provide the first comprehensive overview of what has taken place over the past three decades as the Women's Lib movement has increasingly marginalized men into the "second sex.
In the late 1960s and early '70s, bra-less and still sporting her trendsetting shag cut from Klute, Fonda was ubiquitous, decrying mistreatment of Indians here, standing shoulder to shoulder with migrant workers there, and marching for women's lib elsewhere.
Having grown up in the 70s, I took women's liberation for granted and thought that continuing to talk about women's lib was passe.
In her 1971 article "What the Black Woman Thinks About Women's Lib," she had already begun to answer these critics with the blunt response: "Well, she's suspicious of what she calls 'Ladies' Lib.
It even has a chapter aimed squarely at those disillusioned sisters still waiting for Prince Charming to ride to their financial rescue (I thought women's lib had finished them off).
band whose music is sold at Record Breakers, declare, "Everyday they beat in our heads / That Niggers and Jews are our friends / Everyday women's lib and equality / Homos and commies marching down our streets / Let's start a war for Aryan purity / Let's start a war for our children to be free / Wipe your people from sea to shining sea / I'll make you watch as your family bleeds.
Then, the summer before middle school, I packed up for an all-girls wilderness camp in Vermont--very outdoorsy, very women's lib, very peace and granola, and very, very hairy.
Obviously because this was the only way that they could support the women's lib interpretation of the complete autonomy of the pregnant woman, including the unimportance of the conceived child.
Ironically, women's lib, celebrations of ethnic heritage, critiques of capitalism, and the draw of the "natural look" all were adopted by advertising to bolster arguments for consumption.
He also denounced churches that won't preach against the "wickedness" of "the American monetary system, the income tax, race-mixing and multiculturalism, government schools, sodomy, women's lib, and the United Nations.
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