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These were written as parodies of working-class Britain but taken seriously by the nation who did indeed echo Alf's beliefs that "bloody foreigners come over here to sponge off us", homosexuals are all "poofs", and women's lib "a load of b***".
Eight years later 100 Women's Lib activists burn their bras in Atlanta in a protest against the Miss America pageant 1970s Britt racy.
Facing the product of the women's lib movement square in the face, Burke's documentary delves into the taboo.
It is a time of burgeoning women's lib, The Female Eunuch has been recently published, mothers are taking up university studies, and Green Bans have been proclaimed.
It's] the male version of women's lib," Jones says about the evolution of bro-on-bro love.
In September 1972 a leaflet on contraception and abortion was distributed in the Hay Street Mall; and Pat recalls a Women's Lib street demonstration, possibly modelled on previous demonstrations by the Union of Australian Women (1), where women walked to Parliament House and draped a series of babies' nappies bearing the message "Nappy power is not enough" over the public gallery.
The '60s sexual revolution and Women's Lib brought female pleasure back into the open.
Time magazine, in 1972, described it as the "Flight from Fluff," and legendary New York Times editor Charlotte Curtis transformed her Family/Style section from a society page into a sociological one documenting the massive social transformations of the day, from women's lib to the new gay rights movement and sexual revolution.
Linda, who was also the first black woman to work on the Women's Lib magazine, Spare Rib, will be the first speaker at a new series of talks at Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Jordan Well.
In the late 1960s and early '70s, bra-less and still sporting her trendsetting shag cut from Klute, Fonda was ubiquitous, decrying mistreatment of Indians here, standing shoulder to shoulder with migrant workers there, and marching for women's lib elsewhere.
The chief investigator was heard to say, if this is some kind of bloody women's lib thing .
Having grown up in the 70s, I took women's liberation for granted and thought that continuing to talk about women's lib was passe.
The idea is for the European Gender Institute to foster the sharing of knowledge of gender-equality issues across the EU, whilst also encouraging the participation of men in the gender equality debate - traditionally branded as a women's lib issue.
In her 1971 article "What the Black Woman Thinks About Women's Lib," she had already begun to answer these critics with the blunt response: "Well, she's suspicious of what she calls 'Ladies' Lib.
It even has a chapter aimed squarely at those disillusioned sisters still waiting for Prince Charming to ride to their financial rescue (I thought women's lib had finished them off).
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