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continuing through life


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It is the only local government unit that can boast of womb-to-tomb social services and benefits for its citizens, from the toddlers to the elderly.
CORRECTION: Even Teddy Kennedy doesn't pretend that authentic conservatives will jump on his womb-to-tomb Medicare bandwagon.
Cisco's larger goal is a virtual, closed-loop supply chain, and unhappy, malcontent suppliers would doubtfully buy into the hard work and systems management required to build such a 21st century womb-to-tomb manufacturing flow.
The womb-to-tomb society news desk reports births, weddings and deaths (hatch, match and snatch, in press patois), soft news that causes hard feelings among readers.
For several decades, Sweden's socialist social engineers have done their level best to demolish the patriarchal family, creating in its stead a thoroughly feminized womb-to-tomb social welfare state.
Jim Carrey plays a man learning that his entire life in a storybook village has been the subject of a live, 24-hour-a-day womb-to-tomb television drama.
Religious systems purport to convey a fullness of meaning, a womb-to-tomb assurance that all we are is on a positive redemptive track.