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Synonyms for womanly

Synonyms for womanly

of, relating to, or characteristic of women

Synonyms for womanly

befitting or characteristic of a woman especially a mature woman



References in classic literature ?
The little girl took it, in a womanly sort of manner belonging to the apron and the bonnet, and stood looking at us over the burden that clung to her most affectionately.
Then he's as good as gold," said the little creature--Oh, in such a motherly, womanly way
I don't know where she was going, but we saw her run, such a little, little creature in her womanly bonnet and apron, through a covered way at the bottom of the court and melt into the city's strife and sound like a dewdrop in an ocean.
Thurston," rejoined Julia, whose sense of womanly propriety began to take the alarm; "and I must insist on an explanation.
It's just what you need to bring out the tender womanly half of your nature, Jo.
But in another moment she seemed to have descended from her womanly eminence to helpless and timorous girlhood; and he understood that her courage and initiative were all for others, and that she had none for herself.
It is womanly enough to starve, but unwomanly to use the brains which God has given them.
I'm entirely at your service, and most happy to listen," he answered, in his politest manner, for when Rose put on her womanly little airs he always treated her with a playful sort of respect that pleased her very much.
Well, now, there is one very excellent, necessary, and womanly accomplishment that no girl should be without, for it is a help to rich and poor, and the comfort of families depends upon it.
It was a passionate, loving, thankful, womanly action, but the hand made no response--dropped cold and heavy, and took to its knitting again.
So I see, my dear," answered another voice, soft and womanly.
Way down underneath that frivolous exterior of yours you've got a dear, loyal, womanly little soul.
He had wondered if his belligerent love declaration might have aroused some womanly self- consciousness in Joan, but he looked in vain for any sign of it.
My natural fondness for the music which she played with such tender feeling, such delicate womanly taste, and her natural enjoyment of giving me back, by the practice of her art, the pleasure which I had offered to her by the practice of mine, only wove another tie which drew us closer and closer to one another.
Maggie was not her pet child, and, in general, would have been much better if she had been quite different; yet the womanly heart, so bruised in its small personal desires, found a future to rest on in the life of this young thing, and the mother pleased herself with wearing out her own hands to save the hands that had so much more life in them.