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  • verb

Synonyms for womanize

to be sexually unfaithful to another

Synonyms for womanize

have amorous affairs

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to give a (more) feminine, effeminate, or womanly quality or appearance to

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He was open about his womanising past but he didn't tell me straightaway that he had around 40 kids.
However, the former Walsall boss, who has allegedly squandered his football fortune on gambling, drinking and womanising, held 11th hour talks with the bank just minutes prior to the hearing in a bid to save his home.
In Flashman and its 11 follow-up titles, Fraser reimagined the bully of Tom Brown's Schooldays grown up as a wily, womanising Army officer who hides his cowardice to become a much-decorated "hero".
Foul-mouthed, gambling and womanising footballers may not be to blame for sending the wrong messages to children - the sport itself could be at fault.
The show, which sees womanising Joey Tribbiani struggling to get acting jobs in LA, has had mixed reviews in the UK.
Alan is a roguish, womanising, irresponsible odd-job man.
JERRY Hall has told how ex-husband Sir Mick Jagger ``needs help'' for his womanising ways.
But the deaths of his wife, mistress and mother set him on a downward spiral of drinking, womanising and gambling and he ended up living with his daughter in a two-bed flat.
But Katy really liked John, she thought their relationship was the real deal, especially after he told her he wanted to put an end to his womanising reputation and was thinking of settling down.
Cher Lloyd is no fan of Frankie Cocozza and says that his womanising and love of a night out will stop him from winning The X Factor.
Perhaps it's all this womanising - his exes Leanne and Maria are also on the Street - which has aged him.
Their attitude was 'You can't make James Bond a kid - he's a drinking, smoking, womanising assassin.
Now not a lotta people know this (well I didn't) but - Ian Fleming created a suave, ruthless, womanising hero called .
A SCOTS ambassador is to return to his post in a former Soviet republic after he was cleared of drinking, womanising and driving an official car down a set of steps.